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Traumeel- An all-natural alternative to prevent and heal your tennis elbow

August 6, 2014

An all-natural alternative to prevent and heal your tennis elbow is here with the Traumeel!

A few weeks ago I was told about a product called Traumeel. She described it as a natural, homeopathic, anti-inflammatory product without the side effects of ibuprofen. I always knew about homeopathy and that was a form of alternative medicine.

I googled “Traumeel” and what I found was encouraging. The first thing I saw was a definition by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), an affiliate of the National Institute of Health (NIH). NCI described Traumeel as.…”diluted extracts isolated from plants and minerals, including belladonna, arnica, St. Johns wort, and Echinacea. …Traumeel  exhibits anti-inflammatory activity.
Unlike ibuprofen, Traumeel has no known side effects. Also unlike ibuprofen, which is taken orally and can cause abdominal pain and nausea, Traumeel tablets are taken sublingually (under the tongue) and enter the blood stream directly by avoiding the GI track altogether.

Traumeel comes in various forms including tablets and cream for internal use. It can also be applied directly on the skin over an injured muscle or joint using the gel and cream applications. It’s great for any tennis players who are suffering from tennis elbow or golf elbow syndrome. It’s helps speed recovery and reduced the chronic swelling associated with the injury, like tennis elbow. Also, use Traumeel tablets and cream for soar muscle and joints and found them to be an effective anti-inflammatory during heavy training on court and off court.

So whether you are recovering from overuse injury, combating chronic pain and inflammation due to heavy training, Traumeel can be an effective, and it’s all natural remedy.