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Best Tennis Strings for Holding Tension

April 7, 2014

With the introduction of so many co-polyester strings in the past several years, undoubtedly many co-polyester strings play softer than the first generation strings but many also lose tension very rapidly. Some strings and string brands that come to mind is the Dunlop Black Widow string, Poly Star Energy and Polyfibre Black Venom as just 3 top-selling strings that drop their tension fairly quickly.

We here at The Tennis Depot do carry several strings that are known best for retaining their tension and those are Signum Pro Poly Plasma, Signum Pro Hyperion and Signum Pro Tornado all from Germany-based Signum Pro string brand. Another excellent string we offer for retaining tension is the Genesis Typhoon and Genesis True Grit, 2 excellent shaped and twisted co-polyester strings that maintain their tension. In addition, the NEW Topspin Culex Squarestring (made in Germany) a square-shaped co polyester string, similar to Solinco Tour Bite (made in Taiwan) but holds its tension better!  One last one that comes to mind is the Topspin Cyber Blue. One thing all these strings share in common that they are made in Germany to the highest quality standards and all maintain their tension VERY well, in comparison to other co-polyester tennis racquet strings on the market today.

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Not Sure which Tennis Racquet String is right for you?

April 3, 2014

Having a hard time picking the right tennis string for you? Not sure what to choose for your next restring? We here at The Tennis Depot offer sampler packs where you can try multiple sets of different strings at a 20% discount. We have over 11 different string sampler packs:

Our sampler packs include our best-sellers including Genesis Black Magic, Topspin Cyber Flash, Topspin Cyber Blue, Topspin Cyber Max ROTation,  Polyfibre Black Venom, Signum Pro Poly Plasma among many others. 

We also have Synthetic gut sampler packs for the player on a budget and seeking some great lower cost and softer alternatives to the co-polyester strings. Those include the Pro Supex Synthetic Gut Spiral Flex which is very similar to the popular Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex and Prince Lightning, Genesis Blizzard Synthetic gut among others. 

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Best Tennis Racquet Strings for SPIN?

April 1, 2014

Everyone wants more spin, right? Well many tennis enthusiasts believe that strings can take ones game to the next level and produce insane amounts of spin. Technique has a major influence in spin generation but strings can help too! In today’s market, there are TONS of spin-friendly strings with the likes of Babolat RPM Blast, Luxilon ALU Power Rough leading the popularity pack as used and endorsed by world#1 Raphael Nadal among others. Here at the Tennis Depot, we have some phenomenal spin-friendly string options all offered at great price-points, softer than the Luxilon ALU Power, Babolat RPM Blast and even Solinco Tour Bite or Solinco Barb Wire co-polyester strings and of similar or better quality, guaranteed!

Here are just some of the many spin-friendly string options we have available here and recommended by the playtest team:

Genesis Twisted Razor– Trianglular shaped and twisted co-polyester string

Pro Supex Blue Gear– Hexagonal shaped and MASSIVE amounts of spin. Among top 3 best strings ever tested for spin generation

Signum Pro Tornado– Axially twisted and heptagonally shaped.. Great for tension stability!

Pro Supex Blue Gear Ultra Spin– Octagonal shaped and twisted.

Topspin Culex Squarestring– Square shaped and twisted.

Poly Star Strike– Textured and Profiled surface structure

Genesis Typhoon– Pentagonal shaped and twisted. Most similar to Luxilon ALU Power Rough.

The above list depicts just some of the many spin-oriented co-polyester strings we offer here at The Tennis Depot. Be sure to click on the individual string to learn more about it. If you have any questions, we are always a phone-call away or you can e-mail us 24/7 at


Comparison String Review: Genesis Spin X and Signum Pro Tornado

November 20, 2009

As explain in an earlier post, the tennis string market has gone through some significant changes in the last few years.  It wasn’t long ago that Natural Gut reigned supreme as the top choice (if you could afford it) for players of all levels.  Virtually all pro’s on tour had variations of “Gut” in their frames to achieve great ball feel.  Today, there has been a great shift towards the newest string composition: Polyester.  Recent polyester strings offer offer supreme ball control at high swing velocities along with great durability. Looking even further, “textured” polyester strings are currently in the tennis equipment lime light as they provide all the benefits of regular polyesters with added ball bite and spin.  Two such recently released textured polyester strings that reign at the top of their class are Genesis’ Spin X and Signum Pro’s Tornado.

Let me preface my review of these strings by stating that they are two of the most advanced 3rd generation polyester strings on the market; players can’t go wrong with either string in their racquets.  That said, there are some subtle differences that can help you decide which string better suits your individual game style and needs.

Genesis Spin X:

Genesis is a relatively new string brand that hit the ground running as they initially released Spin X as their “flagship” string.  During stringing, Spin X is resistant to kinking and lacks extreme coil memory which makes for easy installation.  The construction method Spin X is a very sophisticated process that allows the already octagonally textured string to be twisted around the axis.

From a playing perspective, the string provides great access to spin with its rough and twisted surface.  I was able to achieve great ball bite for heavy topspin while maintain pinpoint control over shot location, especially at high swing speeds.  Volleys are crisp and “plow through” is still substantial, something textured strings can often lack.  Spin X is also less resistant to string notching and after an initial break-in period holds playing characteristics until it breaks.


  • Great blend of control / spin
  • Resistant to notching compared to other textured poly’s
  • $ – very affordable for high-end polyester

Signum Pro Blackline Tornado:

This is Signum Pro’s new flagship string that continues a tradition of great polyesters from this company.  Signum Pro’s previous strings (such as the entire Poly Plasma Line) are known to provide great tension maintenance and a consistent string bed right off of the stringing machine.  Tornado continues with these characteristics, and adds great access to spin with its textured / twisted surface and substantial power for a polyester string.

Installation is slightly more tedious than Spin X as Tornado has a rougher texture; this shows up as an added benefit on the court with extreme amounts of ball bite.  Where Spin X blends control and spin, Tornado is a mixture of power and spin – so much so that I would recommend stinging 2-3 pounds tighter to help offset the “pop” off the string bed.

On court I was able to hit very heavy topspin shots off both sides, and my slice shots stayed low and dug into the court on the other side.  My kick serve jumped up like never before, often forcing my opponents to hit returns above their shoulders.  This added spin does come with a couple downsides, in that I found it difficult to flatten out my strokes at times as the extra texture likes to really bite into the ball.  Also, Tornado played extremely well in my racquet from the start, but after some time began to notch and lose its playing characteristics.


  • Extreme amounts of spin from anywhere in the court
  • Great power and pop, especially for a polyester
  • Maintains Poly Plasma-like tension maintenance

All in all, both strings are great choices for those looking to break into the world of textured polyester strings.  The best way is to truly give them a try yourself and see which one better suits your game style.

Signum Pro Tornado & Signum Pro Hyperion Now In Stock!

August 12, 2009

Signum Pro’s latest string offerings, Tornado and Hyperion are now available in both sets and reels. The Tennis Depot is the first retailer in the U.S to have both the Signum Pro Tornado and Hyperion available in both 40’ sets and 660’ reels.

Tornado is a heptagonal-shaped co-polyester string offering a high level of dynamic power while offering exceptional access to spin. This string is axially twisted and greatly increases the spin potential when compared to traditional round strings. Signum Pro Tornado also offers excellent playability and comfort for a co-polyester string. This next generation string offers a new optimized molecular structure which in result makes the Tornado hold tension remarkably well.

Hyperion offers a new optimized molecular structure offering outstanding power along with an incredible level of playability and comfort. Signum Pro Hyperion also holds tension remarkably well, offering a very high level of control and is among the most durable poly-based strings we have playtested to date. The unique diamond-black color looks great on nearly every racquet. Hyperion is part of the new Blackline series from Signum Pro destined to deliver high dynamic power co-poly strings with exceptional tension maintenance.

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