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NEW Genesis Intrepid Racquet–

March 18, 2014

Genesis recently introduced its 2nd racquet to the line and we are proud to announce that we now offer it, Intrepid.  For those familiar with the high-quality string offerings produced by Genesis should definately try out their racquets! Their first racquet introduced a few years back is the Thunder Power racquet which plays very similar to the Babolat Aero Pro Drive but more similar to the original one as used by Rafael Nadal. It is a one piece construction and plays very solid. For Babolat Aero Pro Drive users, check out the Genesis Thunder Power racquet and you will not be let down!

Now as we turn the page to the Genesis Intrepid racquet, our playtest team found this racquet to be very solid as well. Most playtesters found the racquet to play similar to the Babolat Pure Drive, Head Radical, Wilson Blade and other simialr racquets out there on the market today. The racquet has a great blend of power and control and is the ideal racquet for the aggressive baseliner. 

Genesis’s Toray Carbon Fibers technology provides improved control and feel combined with impressive acceleration. A thinner beam at the throat allows players to swing confidently without the fear of losing ball control. This racquet is perfect for the aggressive baseline player who likes to play with heavy topspin from both groundstrokes. On serve, we found great feedback with loads of power and spin. At net, Intrepid is easy to maneuver and offers nice touch. The large sweetspot offers a crisp feel with exhilirating precision. The racquet is constructed from a single mold from the grip handle to the head of the racquet. This unique construction is what makes the racquet feel so solid which also means less shock to the player.

For those interested in demoing this or other racquets, be sure to contact us today or e-mail with your request to: