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Genesis Tour Back Pack Bag- Great for Tournaments & Back To School!

August 11, 2014

Genesis introduced a back pack that is made not only with the tennis player in mind, but also great for school.

The Genesis Tour Back Pack Bag is a phenomenal tennis backpack and tennis bag to use on and off the court! For your convenience, there are 2 main compartments along with 4 additional zippered pockets. The racquet compartment can fit note books. The large main compartment is big enough to fit most of your books. There is also a divider in this pocket which can fit not only books, but even a full size laptop. A small zippered pocket in the main compartment is also available to store your personal belongings. In the front of the bag, there is one zippered pockets for your accessories. Towards the bottom of the bag is a shoe pocket with ventilation holes that can be used FOR…. There are also 2 side mesh pockets which can fit a water bottle. The quick grab handle on the top of the bag allows for easy handling. The backpack straps are well padded and adjustable for comfortable carrying. The rear of the bag is padded for increased comfort. 


  • Racquet compartment can store up to 2 racquets (without covers)  
  • Large main compartment with zippered accessory pocket and separator 
  • One front accessory pockets
  • Shoe compartment with ventilation holes  
  • Two side mesh pockets  
  • Padded and adjustable backpack straps 
  • Dimensions: L19″ X W14″ X D6″
  • Color: Black / Orange / White

To purchase your Genesis Tour Back Pack bag or the Genesis Tour 12 Pack Bag, please visit:

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Best Co-Polyester Strings for Comfort and Feel

May 8, 2014

We have an extensive selection of co-polyester strings that excel when it comes to comfort and feel and our playtesters found that from the strings we offer here at The Tennis Depot, Poly Star Energy, Pro Supex Big Ace Micro, Signum Pro Poly Plasma Pure & Genesis Black Magic lead the way in this department. 

Poly Star Energy is the ultimate string in the market for power, comfort and feel. This string is used by former world #3, Nikolay Davydenko and simply has an incredible feel to it. Highly recommended for the player seeking something soft, comfortable and powerful and does not mind stringing often.

Pro Supex Big Ace Micro comes in a thin 18 gauge but still delivers exceptional comfort, spin and feel. A great choice for the person transitioning from the stiffer Luxilon strings or just want something that offers great bite and pop.

Signum Pro Poly Plasma Pure is another fantastic string offering the best control and tension stability while being slightly stiffer than the previous 2 mentioned strings. Another great and popular string with our playtest team along with regular Signum Pro Poly Plasma string 

Genesis Black Magic may be the best-selling string of these 4 but still delivers great feel and comfort for a co-polyester string. There is a reason the USRSA rated the Genesis Black Magic as the #2 poly of all-time and #5 of all strings their blind playtest team tested to date: 


Best Tennis Strings for Holding Tension

April 7, 2014

With the introduction of so many co-polyester strings in the past several years, undoubtedly many co-polyester strings play softer than the first generation strings but many also lose tension very rapidly. Some strings and string brands that come to mind is the Dunlop Black Widow string, Poly Star Energy and Polyfibre Black Venom as just 3 top-selling strings that drop their tension fairly quickly.

We here at The Tennis Depot do carry several strings that are known best for retaining their tension and those are Signum Pro Poly Plasma, Signum Pro Hyperion and Signum Pro Tornado all from Germany-based Signum Pro string brand. Another excellent string we offer for retaining tension is the Genesis Typhoon and Genesis True Grit, 2 excellent shaped and twisted co-polyester strings that maintain their tension. In addition, the NEW Topspin Culex Squarestring (made in Germany) a square-shaped co polyester string, similar to Solinco Tour Bite (made in Taiwan) but holds its tension better!  One last one that comes to mind is the Topspin Cyber Blue. One thing all these strings share in common that they are made in Germany to the highest quality standards and all maintain their tension VERY well, in comparison to other co-polyester tennis racquet strings on the market today.

To learn more about Signum Pro strings, please visit:

To learn more about Genesis strings, please visit:

To learn more about Topspin strings, please visit:


Not Sure which Tennis Racquet String is right for you?

April 3, 2014

Having a hard time picking the right tennis string for you? Not sure what to choose for your next restring? We here at The Tennis Depot offer sampler packs where you can try multiple sets of different strings at a 20% discount. We have over 11 different string sampler packs:

Our sampler packs include our best-sellers including Genesis Black Magic, Topspin Cyber Flash, Topspin Cyber Blue, Topspin Cyber Max ROTation,  Polyfibre Black Venom, Signum Pro Poly Plasma among many others. 

We also have Synthetic gut sampler packs for the player on a budget and seeking some great lower cost and softer alternatives to the co-polyester strings. Those include the Pro Supex Synthetic Gut Spiral Flex which is very similar to the popular Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex and Prince Lightning, Genesis Blizzard Synthetic gut among others. 

Have questions? Need professional advise. We are always a phone call or click away!



Best Tennis Racquet Strings for SPIN?

April 1, 2014

Everyone wants more spin, right? Well many tennis enthusiasts believe that strings can take ones game to the next level and produce insane amounts of spin. Technique has a major influence in spin generation but strings can help too! In today’s market, there are TONS of spin-friendly strings with the likes of Babolat RPM Blast, Luxilon ALU Power Rough leading the popularity pack as used and endorsed by world#1 Raphael Nadal among others. Here at the Tennis Depot, we have some phenomenal spin-friendly string options all offered at great price-points, softer than the Luxilon ALU Power, Babolat RPM Blast and even Solinco Tour Bite or Solinco Barb Wire co-polyester strings and of similar or better quality, guaranteed!

Here are just some of the many spin-friendly string options we have available here and recommended by the playtest team:

Genesis Twisted Razor– Trianglular shaped and twisted co-polyester string

Pro Supex Blue Gear– Hexagonal shaped and MASSIVE amounts of spin. Among top 3 best strings ever tested for spin generation

Signum Pro Tornado– Axially twisted and heptagonally shaped.. Great for tension stability!

Pro Supex Blue Gear Ultra Spin– Octagonal shaped and twisted.

Topspin Culex Squarestring– Square shaped and twisted.

Poly Star Strike– Textured and Profiled surface structure

Genesis Typhoon– Pentagonal shaped and twisted. Most similar to Luxilon ALU Power Rough.

The above list depicts just some of the many spin-oriented co-polyester strings we offer here at The Tennis Depot. Be sure to click on the individual string to learn more about it. If you have any questions, we are always a phone-call away or you can e-mail us 24/7 at


BEERS ERT 300 Tennis Computer- A Must Have for any Racquet Stringer & Tennis Enthusiast

March 27, 2014

Do you care how accurate your string tension really is? Are you a racquet stringer, coach, player or just someone who understands how critical equipment can be for the competitive tennis player? Then the BEERS TECHNIC ERT 300 Tennis Computer is a device that is a must-have for you. Made in Switzerland, the ERT 300 is used by numerous ATP/ WTA Touring pros along with many tour stringers and coaches. A local stringer who has strung the Sony Ericsson Open, the Cincinnati Masters, Indian Wells and the US Open said the following “If you do not use this ERT 300 tennis computer, you are definately missing out from taking your game from good to great. This is a necessity for the beginner to the advanced player”. The ERT 300 is a must for any tennis enthusiast in the 21st century as the ERT 300 quickly and accurately measures the dynamic tension of the string bed of a strung racquet.

The ERT 300 is the best tension diagnostic device in the world. With this device, you will:

  • monitor the actual dynamic tension DT
  • know when it is time to restring
  • determine your optimal stringing tension
  • ensure that your racquets have the same DT for identical playing properties (great for tournaments)
  • determine the playing characteristics such as power and control

What is Dynamic Tension DT?

Dynamic Tension DT is a value of the stiffness of the stringbed. The Dynamic Tension DT is measured automatically with the ERT 300 by electronic simulation of the ball impact.

How Does The ERT 300 Work?

1. The ERT 300 is clipped to the strings
2. Press the start button to trigger automatic measurement
3. Electronic simulation of the ball impact measures and analyzes the vibrations of the strings
4. The DT value is determined and shown on the LCD display
5. Using the supplied DT system, you can find the actual tension

What Is Included?

  • ERT 300 in a soft durable case
  • Manual in 4 different languages (English, Italian, French, and German)
  • DT System Disc (Tension and style of play adviser)
  • 2 batteries

This is an invaluable tool to stringers, coaches, and players. The Tennis Depot uses ERT 300 during all string playtests and without this tool we would not be able to provide accurate information regarding string playing properties.


To purchase your ERT 300 tennis computer, please visit our ERT 300 product page.



NEW Genesis Apparel Now Available

March 24, 2014

Genesis, an American-based company specializing in the development of high-quality tennis strings has recently expanded its apparel line to include the Triumph Polo and the Elite Performance Crew. The apparel is produced of the best material and fabric in the marketplace today.

The Genesis Triumph Polo offers a stylish design and functional form making it the perfect shirt for match play. It is made of 100% Polyester Dacron and available in Adult sizes small- XL. All of Genesis apparel are also ITF/ATP approved as well!

The Genesis Elite Performance Crew offers simplicity and functional form making it the perfect shirt to wear during competition. The special material is designed to keep you cool and dry during the toughest of battles. It is made of 100% Polyester Dacron and available in Adult sizes small- XL.

To learn more about Genesis apparel, please visit:


New Topspin String- Culex Squarestring

March 20, 2014

Topspin, the premier Germany-based company specializing in the production of the highest-quality racquets, strings, apparel and accessories has recently introduced its newest string to the U.S. market, Topspin Culex Squarestring. Topspin is best known for its best-selling Topspin Cyber Flash string, Topspin Cyber Blue and Topspin Max Rotation but this new unique square shaped and twisted co-polyester will take the market by storm. First of all, there aren’t many square shaped strings on the market today other the Solinco Tour Bite but the unique feel, power and comfort that comes along with this new string offer is very intriguing. 

The product description from Topspin is that the Culex Squarestring is designed to offer optimum control and accessibility to spin. The square profile is designed to help prevent movement and provides extra access to spin. In addition, the string is twisted for maximum ball bite and tension maintenance. One of our playtesters who is Babolat RPM Blast User says that the comfort and feel with this string is unmatched in the marketplace today! We feel that the spin production of the Topspin Culex Squarestring is exceptional and the tension stability is excellent as well. 

To learn more about the Topspin Culex Squarestring

To learn more about Topspin strings:


When price is taken into the equation, this is among the best valued co-polyester strings on the market!


NEW Genesis Intrepid Racquet–

March 18, 2014

Genesis recently introduced its 2nd racquet to the line and we are proud to announce that we now offer it, Intrepid.  For those familiar with the high-quality string offerings produced by Genesis should definately try out their racquets! Their first racquet introduced a few years back is the Thunder Power racquet which plays very similar to the Babolat Aero Pro Drive but more similar to the original one as used by Rafael Nadal. It is a one piece construction and plays very solid. For Babolat Aero Pro Drive users, check out the Genesis Thunder Power racquet and you will not be let down!

Now as we turn the page to the Genesis Intrepid racquet, our playtest team found this racquet to be very solid as well. Most playtesters found the racquet to play similar to the Babolat Pure Drive, Head Radical, Wilson Blade and other simialr racquets out there on the market today. The racquet has a great blend of power and control and is the ideal racquet for the aggressive baseliner. 

Genesis’s Toray Carbon Fibers technology provides improved control and feel combined with impressive acceleration. A thinner beam at the throat allows players to swing confidently without the fear of losing ball control. This racquet is perfect for the aggressive baseline player who likes to play with heavy topspin from both groundstrokes. On serve, we found great feedback with loads of power and spin. At net, Intrepid is easy to maneuver and offers nice touch. The large sweetspot offers a crisp feel with exhilirating precision. The racquet is constructed from a single mold from the grip handle to the head of the racquet. This unique construction is what makes the racquet feel so solid which also means less shock to the player.

For those interested in demoing this or other racquets, be sure to contact us today or e-mail with your request to:


New String from Genesis- Genesis True Grit

March 18, 2014

Genesis recently introduced its newest string to its fine line of products, True Grit. Their product description states that True Grit is a further development of premium co-polyester strings offered by Genesis. Utilizing cutting edge technology and new composite additives, True Grit delivers outstanding performance. Genesis True Grit is a 10 sided shaped string that offers exceptional spin, control, comfort, and power. True Grit is also axially twisted and offers a tremendous blend of dynamic power and spin while providing excellent tension stability and playability.

We took  the courts to playtest this new string and came back with very positive results. This string does offer a great blend of power, control and spin. We found it to be as durable to other co-polyester strings we have tested to date such as the Signum Pro Poly Plasma, Signum Pro Tornado, Genesis Typhoon, Topspin Culex Squarestring among many others. We found this string to shine in the tension stability department as the string maintained its tension very well. The twisted shape may not make this the most pleasant string to string but it makes up for it in performance. If you think the Genesis True Grit string is worth a try, learn more about it here: