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Topspin Cyber Flash- Becoming a Favorite among Colleges Quickly

May 18, 2010

At the most recent NCAA Division 2 Championships, 16 teams from the men’s side and 16 from the women’s side gathered from around the country to compete for a national championship. With Over 300 players in attendance in Altamonte Springs, FL, some of the greatest talents in the country were displayed. We were told that the 2nd most popular string used during the NCAA championships was Topspin Cyber Flash which came close behind the front-runner Tecnifibre Red Code. This was a surprise to many of the stringers in attendance as they expected Luxilon Alu Power or Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour to be among the most popular strings. The national champion, Barry University purchase strings from The Tennis Depot and have used the Pro Supex line of strings along with Topspin Cyber Blue and the Unique Big Hitter reels for many years now. Keep any eye on the Topspin Cyber Flash and some of the other strings offered at The Tennis Depot as they are coming to a park near you soon!

For the full range of the Topspin string offerings, please visit our Topspin String Page.

Topspin Cyber Flash


To String or Not to String Part 3: Starting the Business

February 22, 2010

You have bought your new stringing machine, got your tools, learned how to string….now what? Once you get comfortable around your machine it is time to expand your client list and start making the money back you paid for the new equipment.

There are a couple things to know before you start. Who to target as potential customers, what additional strings should you purchase, and how much to charge other people.

Getting Customers:

Potential customers can come from a few different avenues, players you hit with on a regular basis, students you coach, if you coach, craigslist or a classified ad, and contacting clubs, high schools, and colleges in your area.

The easiest way initially to build your client base is talk your friends into stringing their racquets, you may give them a price break to demonstrate your ability and get them as repeat customers. Secondly, by talking to high school or college coaches you can negotiate a contract with them to handle all of their needs for either a lump­-sum payment or set a per racquet price, again at a small discount to enhance their interest in your services.

Purchasing new strings:

With the increase of customers you will need to stock some basic strings to allow for quick turnover when you receive racquets. The three main categories are value, comfort, and power.

A couple packs of each string will give you an initial inventory that can provide some options to potential customers without a long waiting period for ordering strings on a need basis. As you gain more business and string more racquets you will find which strings you need to keep in stock and find new strings that players like.


The final thing to figure out is how much to charge? The best way to figure this out is to go to the local pro shops and talk to other local stringers and find out their price scale.

The things you need to take into account are your cost of strings + shipping and tax and cost of labor. I start at $15 per racquet labor and add $2 to the actual cost of the string to cover shipping expenses. Many times Pro shops will add a premium to the cost of the string to increase their profits. As a small scale personal stringer you should be able to keep your costs low and swing that to lower prices for your customers.

The most important thing when growing your business is to provide quality service in a timely manner with great customer services. Go that extra mile, install an over grip, or add head guard tape free with restringing, whatever you can do to distinguish yourself from the other options.

A slew of new Topspin strings now in stock!

January 23, 2010

Yes that is right. The new Topspin strings you have patiently been waiting for are now in stock. Four new strings from Topspin; all co-polys. Topspin Cyber Black and Topspin Cyber Red are round co-poly strings with a great combination of power, control and feel. Topspin Cyber Whirl Pentagonal has five edges for extra ball bite. Lastly, there is Topspin Cyber Twirl which is a twisted co-poly for extreme spin. All four of these strings are now available to order.

Each of these strings come in sets, 110m reels, and 220m reels. You may find more information on our Topspin String Page.

In addition, we have developed a new sampler pack to serve those customers who are eager to try each of these new co-poly strings. At 20% off from the regular price, you can test each new Topspin string and find your holy grail. Click on the image below for details.

Topspin: Honda of the string market.

December 10, 2009

Topspin Cyber Flash - Reels                        

For the past couple weeks I have been play testing a variety of strings and come to one major conclusion. No matter what kind of string you prefer Topspin will have a string for you.

When I wanted to buy a new car I started looking at the different options and I kept coming back to Honda for their reliability, variety, and cost effectiveness. Now that I am looking at strings I see a parallel with the Honda car brand and the Topspin string brand.

Topspin Cyber Flash 726' Reel 1.35


Topspin, is a German company established in 1987 with the concept, “by real tennis players for real tennis players” They wanted to create the best possible equipment for every player. The initial object was toughness, functionality, and durability. They started making high-end polyester based strings.

I first found Topspin when I was in college and fell in love with the blend of power, durability, and tension maintenance provided by Topspin Cyberflash. In addition, it was half the price of the over hyped string I was using before.

The Tennis Depot


After learning that Topspin had many other great polyester based strings, multi-filaments and synthetic guts, I new I didn’t have to go any further in my search for the perfect strings. I immediately went to my favorite website, that carries the entire Topspin line, and ordered a variety of their most recent polyester strings.

I play tested the most recent additions to their line, Cyber Black, Cyber Blue, Cyber Red, and Cyber Whirl, and found each to be a great new addition to their already quality line.

Topspin Cyber Blue 16 (1.30)                              

Black, Red, and Blue were similar strings with good power, soft feel, and good tension maintenance. I found that out of the three Cyber Black was my favorite. It seemed to have that extra feel I needed when really swinging out. It also felt fresh after two weeks in my racquet. 


Cyber Whirl was my personal favorite out of the bunch. It was an octagonal textured string that played as well or better than another very well known rough co-polyester string that costs almost double the price.

From the first hit, I new I had found my new string. It was crisp yet soft, powerful yet controlled, and gripped the ball like a high-end multi-filament string. Playing with Cyber Whirl one would think they were driving a high-end sports car while paying the price of an economical family sedan.     

Polyester is not the only strings Topspin produces. They offer multi-filaments, Fiber Touch and Energy, and solid core strings, Titen Fiber, as well for blending or to stay away from polyester all together.

    Topspin Fibre Touch 16 (1.32)            Topspin Energy 16 (1.30)               Topspin Titan Fibre 15L (1.40)

Going back to my car analogy, Topspin has the variety in strings and materials, quality of the product and economical prices that make it a top company like Honda. Topspin is a must for any pro shop or private stringer. With being such a great website to do business with I find myself recommending it more and more as my favorite string choice.

Topspin Cyber Twirl… Available in December

November 14, 2009

This past week, Topspin released 4 new co-poly strings. This December, Topspin will be releasing a fifth string, Cyber Twirl. A pentagonally shaped string that is twisted pretty much summarizes what Cyber Twirl is. Can you say Topspin is on a roll? We sure think so. A fantastic co-poly string that will awe many players.

Currently Cyber Twirl comes in black and white; however these colors will not be available here in the states.. Instead, Topspin Gmbh has decided that Cyber Twirl will be released in an exclusive red color which will be available to North American consumers. The new Cyber Twirl Red is slated for a release in sometime December.

Stay tuned on our blog for more articles and previews for new products.

New Topspin Strings Now Here!

November 13, 2009

A slew of brand new co-polyester strings from Topspin are on the horizon and will be available very soon in the U.S.A. As a matter of fact, a limited amount are already available on our website. Famous for the popular Cyber Flash, Topspin is raising the benchmark once more with 4 new co-polys. Already with 3 fantastic co-poly strings in its arsenal (Cyber Flash, Cyber Blue, Concept Pure), Topspin is launching a new line of hi-performance strings.

With our usual fashion, The Tennis Depot will be the first retailer to offer these terrific strings to consumers.

Here is quick overview of these new strings. Along with a brief description, you will find the price for each product:

Topspin Cyber Black 1.23- A very soft and forgiving co-poly, Cyber Black offers a great mixture of solid control with perfect power. In addition, players will find lots of feel and very good spin potential. The thin diameter allows for greater ball bite.
Set: $8.49     Reel: $89.90     Mini Reel: $49.90

Topspin Cyber Red 1.24- Using modernized manufacturing procedures, Topspin has created a co-poly string that not only offers very little string movement, but in addition supplies the player with adequate power and plentiful control. Baseline players will find great access to spin.
Set: $7.90     Reel: $79.90     Mini Reel: $44.90

Topspin Cyber Whirl Octagonal 1.27- This 3rd generation co-poly string features an octagonal profile offering exceptional spin. According to Topspin, players will find faster ball speed and control will be at its best. Overall, a very soft forgiving co-poly with plentiful bite. Comes in orange color.
Set: $9.49     Reel: $99.90     Mini Reel: $54.90

Topspin Cyber Whirl Pentagonal 1.24- Through an unique extrusion process, Topspin was able to produce a new pentagonally shaped co-polyester string offering massive spin and control. With very little string movement and superb durability, Cyber Whirl is a great string for hard hitters. Comes in black color.
Set: $9.49     Reel: $99.90     Mini Reel: $54.90

As you can see, all four of the new Topspin strings will offer something unique in their own way. Be sure to check our blog periodically for more informative news, tips, and product previews.

For more information on the new Topspin strings, please the Topspin string page. As always, if you have any questions, please post them below in the comments section.

Textured Polyester String Breakdown

October 26, 2009

In the last 10 years the game of tennis has seem some serious changes; players are hitting the ball harder, deeper and heavier (a combination of power, depth and spin) than ever before.  Players are forced to be in amazing physical shape and an emphasis on conditioning that didn’t used to be so prominent has emerged.  Some analysts attribute the raised level of play to the newest advancement in tennis string technology: polyester strings.

Polyester strings are currently the hottest thing in the tennis market.  Because these strings offer a stiffer string bed, the player has greater control of the ball coming off the strings, even at very high swing speeds.  The stiffer strings also cut into the ball better than synthetic’s offering up more ball bite, which translate into spin.  Polyester was first introduced as an alternative to kevlar for those who broke synthetic strings too quickly and wanted a durable alternative.  Although they provided a long string life, they had poor tension maintenance and were also very stiff and often harsh on the elbow/arm, making them less than ideal for the average tennis player.  Since their initial introduction, manufacturing and string technology has allowed companies to produce polyester strings that maintain the benefits of durability while lowering the stiffness level, thus making them better suited to the majority of the tennis playing community.  Strings like Pro Supex Big Ace, Signum Pro Poly Plasma, Genesis Black Magic and Topspin Cyberflash exemplify this group.  They allow the user all the benefits (control, spin, durability) without the painfully stiff feel of the original first generation polyesters.

Most recently the string market has brought us a newer version of these polyester strings.  Polyester strings already have great ball bite and spin, but manufacturing the strings with texture provides even greater access to extreme amounts of spin on the ball at any speed.  This has created a new group of strings: textured polyesters.

One method of creating a textured polyester is to manufacture the string in a way to create a hexagonal shape as the string’s cross section.  Signum Pro Poly HEXtreme is one of the premier strings in this group.  The hex-shape provides great ball bite, but compared to the other texturing methods tends to be a little bit stiffer.  Like other strings in the Signum Pro Line, Pro Poly HEXtreme provides great tension maintenance and supreme playability right off the stringing machine.

When Pro Supex came onto the market a few years ago, their textured polyester offering created a ton of buzz in the tennis string market.  Pro Supex’s Blue Gear has a gear-shaped cross section as the name implies.  This gear shape gives the user even greater access to spin than previous hex-shaped polyesters, even in thicker diameters.  This string is also less susceptible  to notching with its unique design.  The only drawback I have encountered is that after some time the gear shape on the string can wear down with play, but this is only in extreme cases.

Genesis' Spin-X

Genesis' Spin-X

The final and most recent method of manufacturing spin-producing textured polyesters involves coaxially twisting the string about itself creating a “twisted” cross section.  Both Genesis’ Spin-X and Signum Pro’s Blackline Tornado are great examples of this new method of manufacturing.  These two offerings provide the best ball bite and spin access of the bunch with little feeling in the arm.  They provide the ultimate blend of control, spin and durability.

All of these strings can benefit most tennis players, whether through a full string bed or a hybrid setup with a softer synthetic gut or multifiliment in the crosses.  I recommend checking them out if you haven’t yet; they could easily help raise your game to the next level!

2009 GSS Symposium Recap

October 13, 2009

The 2009 GSS Symposium has come to an end. First and foremost, we would like to applaud Tim Strawn for organizing such a wonderful event. The seminar leaders were all fantastic. Dave Bone, president of the USRSA was on site offering the insight scoop of all the latest information from his organization. We urge all stringers to make it a priority to attend this event next year. Not only do you meet fellow stringers from across the world, but the information received is so valuable that you are guaranteed to leave the symposium with a greater level of knowledge. From learning how to customize racquets to mastering customer service, the seminars are simply fantastic. Bob Patterson from Racquetmaxx was also one of the seminar leaders offering his knowledge to all attendants.

There was also a speed stringing contest. The winner was Vasiliy Guryonov. His best time came in the finals finishing in just 13 minutes, 57 seconds! All contestants were stringing on the Prince 6000. The racquet was the Prince EXO3 Rebel (18×20) using the poly Prince Twisted string. Considering the tight pattern and the string being used was a poly, Vasiliy managed to complete the racquet in just under 14 minutes. Born in Uzbekistan, Vasiliy is a 25 year old currently working in Midtown Athletic Club (Chicago). After meeting with him several times throughout the symposium, he has great ambitions and hopes to one day string on the pro tour. We think he has the potential.

In addition to all of the great seminars, the trade show was also a great success. The Tennis Depot was present representing Genesis, Pro Supex, and Topspin. What made us really happy is all the people who stopped by our booth looking at the products these brands offer and understanding that the quality and performance exceeds those of the major brands. From the Genesis side, we offered a preview of the new Genesis Spin X silver color. In addition, we offered white and silver stencil ink, perfect for all the black strings that are coming on to the market. While there were no new Pro Supex products, we did display the entire range of Pro Supex polys, synthetics, and accessories. The Pro Supex Leather Grips received lots of attention. After all the price/performance ratio is superior.

Without doubt the most exciting part of the trade show came from Topspin. The Tennis Depot together with Alpha Tennis previewed 3 new strings from the Topspin range! These new Topspin strings are: Cyber Twirl, Cyber  Whirl, and Cyber Black. The Cyber Twirl is a pentagonal shaped string that is twisted. It will be offered in both natural and black colors. Cyber Whirl is an octagonal shaped string that is available in orange color. Lastly, Cyber Black continues Topspin’s heritage of offering superior playing soft co-polys. Cyber Black is round shaped and as the name applies, it will come in a black color. All of these new strings will be available later this fall.

With all of this excitement, you are thinking can there possibly be anything else. Well yes there is! The Tennis Depot previewed the X series and Fusion series racquets. Soon enough, these racquets will be made widely available throughout the country. We also met with the owner and president of Topspin who came to Orlando for the symposium. There are many great plans for the future of Topspin Tennis in the USA. Besides bringing in new strings and the new racquets mentioned above, The Tennis Depot will soon be re-releasing the Pure series racquets to American consumers.

Last but certainly not least, Alpha will be launching a new electronic machine this November! The Alpha Odyssey, is a constant pull machine offering all the latest bells and whistles. Designed to compete directly with other electronic machines such as Prince 6000 and Babolat Star 5, the new Alpha Odyssey will be offered at a rock bottom price of just $2200. Certainly a great value, The Tennis Depot will be offering this wonderful machine very soon.

With all of this excitement stirring, we would like to thank all of our supporters. The Tennis Depot is looking at a great future and we will continue to introduce new products on a monthly basis.

Blog Post Position

October 6, 2009

We have received TONS of requests on the blog post position. We are thankful for so many supporters. Our customers are the reason why The Tennis Depot is the fastest growing online retailer. With one of the largest distribution networks in the world, The Tennis Depot is truly the premier online tennis destination.

All those who submitted applications for our new position; we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to select you. We are sorry to say that we are unable to select all applicants. As we have received over 30 applications, only a few will be selected. Regardless if you join our team or not, we do wish you the best of luck and hope to interact with you in the near future.

Don’t forget, the sympoisum we have all been waiting for is this upcoming weekend. The Tennis Depot will have staff members throughout the entire 4 day event. Additionally, we will have a booth during the trade show (Monday). We will be representing 3 brands we distribute; on the behalf of Genesis, Pro Supex, and Topspin.

For a quick preview, there will be some new products in the Genesis lineup. As for Topspin, we will be inviting all guests to take a look at the Topspin Xtreme Racquet series, offered exclusively through The Tennis Depot.

As always, if you ever have any questions, feel free to let us know.

Topspin Tennis USA Website Launched

October 1, 2009

The Tennis Depot is happy to announce our alliance with Alpha Tennis. We will be launching a new image for Topspin with great new strings as well as some other products such as training aids and racquets. We are also happy to announce the launch of You will find some interesting information there plus a list of distributors and dealers.

Our alliance with Alpha Tennis has now enabled us to open up a sponsorship program. A list of requirements are on the website. We also invite stringers, coaches, pro shops, and online shops to request dealer info. There are excellent opportunities available with Topspin. Please be sure to contact the proper distributor.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know!