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School v. Athletics: the balance to greatness

April 13, 2010


I have been working as a high performance tennis coach for the past six years and the biggest challenge when working with high level players is to create the same sense of urgency to be successful in the sport they are pursuing as they put into their education.

In the United States, education is required; every child is expected to start school in kindergarten or first grade and continue to go until they graduate from high school 12 years later. In addition to education, an emphasis is placed on other cultural enhancements, choir, playing an instrument, or debate team. On the other hand, sports and athletics are a leisure activity, participated in to round out the transcript or to teach a child “life lessons.” What parents need to understand is, if they want their child to succeed in their athletic career, the same level of commitment needs to be placed on practice, competition, and sports related homework, as is placed on education and cultural activities.


Parents will take great pride in their child’s attendance record and deans list awards at school, but think nothing of canceling a tennis lesson because their child has a play date, an important test, or the parent has something else on their schedule. This is problematic for a couple reasons. First, being that parents will cancel that tennis lesson but then put the same level of pressure on the child to succeed when in competition. Secondly, the child will not put the same level of effort into achieving success on the athletic field as they do in an academic setting.


The second reason is the area that I find most troubling. Many times I will ask a kid to tell me their effort level on a scale of 1-10 or what percentage out of 100 they are trying. To often the answer is 5 out of 10 or under 100%. How is it possible for a child to expect success when they are only trying to succeed half of their max level?    

This mentality by parents creates distorted expectations and an unfair level of pressure on the children. A disconnect is created when the level of commitment is not the same for athletics as it is for school. Children are shown that it is not as important to maintain their level of focus and commitment in sport but they are then expected to excel nonetheless.

Most parents expect their children to receive A’s in school, and insure they are doing their homework and study for their tests. In the same breath, they expect their children to excel in sports but don’t make sure they stretch before working out, ice after, or allow them to work out at all. This mentality is one of the major factors limiting American.     

Pro Supex Nano Energy Tennis Racquet

Along the same lines, parents need to create a support system with their children to ensure success. A parent would never think of sending their child to school without the proper school books, but they would send them to practice without the correct racquet. A parent would make sure a child struggling academically would receive a tutor; a struggling athlete may be expected to perform without additional help.

While I understand academics are considered the most important thing as a child. I was home schooled and feel that athletics were just as much a part of my education as book learning. I believe they way to well rounded children is excellence in all areas of life.


Pro Supex Dynamic Energy and Babolat Aero Pro Drive

March 19, 2010

I’ve owned a Pro Supex Dynamic Energy for about a year now, and I must say that I’m a fan. It’s a good racket, one that provides excellent access to spin, isn’t string sensitive at all (meaning that whatever string I throw in the racket usually feels pretty good), gives me with a bit of extra oomph on the days when I’m not feeling it, and is just an all around great frame. It’s not my preferred weapon on the courts, but I do enjoy the racket.

Today, I finally got the opportunity to try out the Babolat Aero Pro Drive Cortex (APDC), the racket upon which the Dynamic Energy is based, and is reputed to play very similarly to. The Dynamic Energy was a 4 ½ with a Prince calfskin leather grip and a Slazenger overgrip. The Babolat APDC on the other hand was completely stock, down to the Syntec grip. The Dynamic Energy weighed in at around 12 ounces, while the Babolat around 11 ounces. The following are my observations:

Power: There is no doubt in my mind that the APDC is more powerful. It provides more oomph off the ground and on the serve. I hit the hardest serves I’ve ever hit today. However, this is not to say that the Dynamic Energy lacks power- there’s plenty of power to be had. However, there is a notable difference.

Control: These both have about the same amount of control. I did not find myself hitting out more often with either frame, and I did not feel that there was a lack of control. The APDC was able to tame its own power by providing excellent topspin. Speaking of which…

Spin: I must give a slight nod to the APDC. While both rackets are spin machines, the APDC is able to generate more spin on all shots. Slice shots were beautiful coming off of this racket. Again, I must stress that both rackets provide excellent spin.

Maneuverability: Considering that the APDC is a full ounce lighter, it’s more maneuverable. It’s easier to get into position at the net, and whips through the air a bit faster. The Dynamic Energy is not exactly sluggish, but it’s a bit harder to position on those reaction shots.

Comfort: Here is a category in which the Pro Supex COMPLETELY blows away the Babolat. I have never experienced tennis elbow, but today my elbow was definitely in pain. The Babolat is incredibly stiff, and that stiffness is very evident. While I can’t say that either racket was jarring on off center hits, the Babolat lacks the weight/stability and the moderate flex of the Dynamic Energy. If you’ve been having trouble with tennis elbow, the Babolat is NOT a frame that should be on your demo list.

Overall: In my opinion, the Pro Supex Dynamic Energy is an excellent imitation of the Aero Pro Drive line. While the two are not the same, the two play similarly enough that there is very little doubt they’re related. If you lead up your rackets and are looking for a heavier Aero Pro Drive in stock form, the Dynamic Energy is an excellent racket to consider. If you’ve been enjoying the Aero Pro Drive, but not so much that tennis elbow that comes with it, try the Dynamic Energy. Considering the $65+ difference in price, there is no doubt in my mind that the Dynamic Energy is a worthy alternative to the Aero Pro Drive.  Head on over to the Tennis Depot to pick one up today!

2009 GSS Symposium Recap

October 13, 2009

The 2009 GSS Symposium has come to an end. First and foremost, we would like to applaud Tim Strawn for organizing such a wonderful event. The seminar leaders were all fantastic. Dave Bone, president of the USRSA was on site offering the insight scoop of all the latest information from his organization. We urge all stringers to make it a priority to attend this event next year. Not only do you meet fellow stringers from across the world, but the information received is so valuable that you are guaranteed to leave the symposium with a greater level of knowledge. From learning how to customize racquets to mastering customer service, the seminars are simply fantastic. Bob Patterson from Racquetmaxx was also one of the seminar leaders offering his knowledge to all attendants.

There was also a speed stringing contest. The winner was Vasiliy Guryonov. His best time came in the finals finishing in just 13 minutes, 57 seconds! All contestants were stringing on the Prince 6000. The racquet was the Prince EXO3 Rebel (18×20) using the poly Prince Twisted string. Considering the tight pattern and the string being used was a poly, Vasiliy managed to complete the racquet in just under 14 minutes. Born in Uzbekistan, Vasiliy is a 25 year old currently working in Midtown Athletic Club (Chicago). After meeting with him several times throughout the symposium, he has great ambitions and hopes to one day string on the pro tour. We think he has the potential.

In addition to all of the great seminars, the trade show was also a great success. The Tennis Depot was present representing Genesis, Pro Supex, and Topspin. What made us really happy is all the people who stopped by our booth looking at the products these brands offer and understanding that the quality and performance exceeds those of the major brands. From the Genesis side, we offered a preview of the new Genesis Spin X silver color. In addition, we offered white and silver stencil ink, perfect for all the black strings that are coming on to the market. While there were no new Pro Supex products, we did display the entire range of Pro Supex polys, synthetics, and accessories. The Pro Supex Leather Grips received lots of attention. After all the price/performance ratio is superior.

Without doubt the most exciting part of the trade show came from Topspin. The Tennis Depot together with Alpha Tennis previewed 3 new strings from the Topspin range! These new Topspin strings are: Cyber Twirl, Cyber  Whirl, and Cyber Black. The Cyber Twirl is a pentagonal shaped string that is twisted. It will be offered in both natural and black colors. Cyber Whirl is an octagonal shaped string that is available in orange color. Lastly, Cyber Black continues Topspin’s heritage of offering superior playing soft co-polys. Cyber Black is round shaped and as the name applies, it will come in a black color. All of these new strings will be available later this fall.

With all of this excitement, you are thinking can there possibly be anything else. Well yes there is! The Tennis Depot previewed the X series and Fusion series racquets. Soon enough, these racquets will be made widely available throughout the country. We also met with the owner and president of Topspin who came to Orlando for the symposium. There are many great plans for the future of Topspin Tennis in the USA. Besides bringing in new strings and the new racquets mentioned above, The Tennis Depot will soon be re-releasing the Pure series racquets to American consumers.

Last but certainly not least, Alpha will be launching a new electronic machine this November! The Alpha Odyssey, is a constant pull machine offering all the latest bells and whistles. Designed to compete directly with other electronic machines such as Prince 6000 and Babolat Star 5, the new Alpha Odyssey will be offered at a rock bottom price of just $2200. Certainly a great value, The Tennis Depot will be offering this wonderful machine very soon.

With all of this excitement stirring, we would like to thank all of our supporters. The Tennis Depot is looking at a great future and we will continue to introduce new products on a monthly basis.

Pro Supex On The Rise

April 30, 2009

Pro Supex has been one of the fastest growing companies in the tennis industry. With revolutionary products at terrific prices, it is no wonder that more people each day are switching to Pro Supex. One of the biggest tournaments in the juniors is the Easter Bowl. The Easter Bowl is a Super National where the top juniors perform in California. This year, Pro Supex was one of the hottest brands at the Easter Bowl. Below is an excerpt from one of our customers who was the official stringer at the 2009 Easter Bowl Championships:

Dear Pro Supex:
Just wanted to follow up with you from the Easter Bowl. I had the banner up and waving in the area we were stringing in. I was suprised how many people commented that they knew of or used Pro Supex before. Several people even brought some in for us to string with! This is a great sign, as only the best tennis players in the country were at this tournament. I also sold some string to many different juniors, who commented that they liked the way it played (as well as the PRICE!). As always the big seller was big ace, though several players asked for maxim touch, since we did not carry wilson NXT. One kid had me string 8 of his racquets with a blue gear/big ace hybrid. He really loved the stuff. I gave many people the info on the string and where they could get some (your website).

So what are you waiting for?  Get on the bandwagon and try Pro Supex- the strings for winners! For more info on the full line of Pro Supex products, please visit

For ordering, visit our retail website:

Pro Supex Dynamic Energy- New Design, Same Great Racquet

March 30, 2009

The Pro Supex Dynamic Energy, a high-performance racquet with similar specification to the Babolat Aero Pro Drive has an entirely new look for 2009. The 2009 Pro Supex Dynamic Energy provides the player with metallic blue paint and a shiny finish. The Dynamic Energy is a terrific racquets and offers great access to spin. Our testers really loved the unique combination of power and control affored by this racquet. Demos are available! Click here for more info.