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Top 10 Questions Of The Month!

May 21, 2009

Each month, we will be posting the funniest questions we here at SDP receive. After all, a good laugh can’t hurt.

1. Does Strings Depot Plus hand-deliver the orders, like drive to my house and deliver it to me or do you guys own a private jet and deliver it like that?

2. I’m located in Australia, can I get my order shipped via FEDEX GROUND?

3. I would like to pay with a Visa card. This will be first order from SDP. Do I need to give you all 16 numbers from my credit card?

4. If paying with a credit card, do you need the credit card #’s in order on my card or the order doesn’t matter?

5. On your website, it says my order will be delivered within 2 business days. If I ordered on Friday, is my ordered guaranteed to arrive on Sunday? ….. Since when is Sunday considered a business day!!

6. On the website, it says the string is 16 gauge, 1.30mm. What does 1.30mm mean? Is it the length of the string?

7. I want to hit with a lot of spin. If I use the same racquet and string setup as Rafael Nadal, do you think I can win a few games off of him?

8. I just saw that you guys have a toll-free #. Does it mean you guys can make calls for free?

9. I have a question about the checkout and payment process on your site. How important is my address info? What if I make up an address?

10. This e-mail was received on New Year’s Eve: “I’m planning on taking my girlfriend tonight to Times Square, do you know what time the ball drops?” AT 12:00AM!!!