About Us

The Tennis Depot was originally founded as Strings Depot Plus in March of 2006. In July of 2009, we merged with a tennis management company in eastern Europe and thus The Tennis Depot was born. With the creation of this new company, we launched a brand new website with one goal in mind: Making shopping more enjoyable, yet offering convenience and the largest selection the finest tennis products in the industry! With numerous features found only on The Tennis Depot website, we aim to bring shopping to an entirely new level.

Who are we?

We are a young, hard working group of individuals, all former professional tennis players whose ultimate goal is to provide the best service, highest level of knowledge based on personal experience and offering the lowest prices in the tennis industry. Our mission is to improve your game without breaking your wallet and we understand the importance of this during these tough economic times. As avid tennis players ourselves, we know what it feels like searching for the best equipment available and the importance of having the right equipment to be completely ready for competition. =Our top notch service means that you are treated as family. We strive to ship most orders same day as well as offer the cheapest shipping methods, both domestically and internationally on the planet!

What do we do?

The Tennis Depot sells through various networks. Primarily, we sell directly to the tennis consumer. The Tennis Depot also a has a wholesale network. Through this network, we supply hundreds of colleges, universities, academies, camps, and other tennis programs. The Tennis Depot also works together with various pro shops, retailers, online stores, coaches, stringers, and players. For more information about our wholesale network, please click here.

Our Brands

The Tennis Depot distribute Xuron, ERT 300, Topspin, Pro Supex, and Genesis products.

A Brief History

March 2006: Our former company, Strings Depot Plus is created.
May 2006: Within 3 short months, we introduce the Topspin brand to American consumers.
July 2006: Strings Depot Plus acquires exclusive rights to Pro Supex in North America.

November 2006: Pro Supex quickly becomes one of the hottest products on the ATP tour having more than 20 ATP players using the Pro Supex Line of Strings.
March 2007: We continue to expand and at this time we are the only retailer to stock the full range of Topspin strings as well as some of their racquets and accessories.
April 2007: Pro Supex Big Ace gets playtestesd by the USRSA and is rated top 5 in 3 different categories.
October 2007: We launch Pro Supex Blue Gear to the North American market and consumers quickly realize the spin potential of this string.
July 2008: By this time, business has grown dramatically. We now carry Kneissl, Boris Becker racquets along with various unique brands. Our VIP class service proves to be a success.
June 2009: Genesis is launched and with 72 hours creates tons of buzz throughout the tennis world.
July 2009: We merge with a tennis management company in Eastern Europe. Strings Depot Plus is renamed to The Tennis Depot. A new website is launched with over 150 new products including Avery racquets, Alpha stringing machines, stringing tools, Wei Labs herbal patches, diagnostic equipment, and more!

Here at The Tennis Depot, you can always be confident that you are in good hands. We will continue to grow and bring in more brands. However, no matter how many brands we carry, our mission will still be to offer superb service and great prices.
If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us. We want to hear from you!


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