Best Co-Polyester Strings for Comfort and Feel


We have an extensive selection of co-polyester strings that excel when it comes to comfort and feel and our playtesters found that from the strings we offer here at The Tennis Depot, Poly Star Energy, Pro Supex Big Ace Micro, Signum Pro Poly Plasma Pure & Genesis Black Magic lead the way in this department. 

Poly Star Energy is the ultimate string in the market for power, comfort and feel. This string is used by former world #3, Nikolay Davydenko and simply has an incredible feel to it. Highly recommended for the player seeking something soft, comfortable and powerful and does not mind stringing often.

Pro Supex Big Ace Micro comes in a thin 18 gauge but still delivers exceptional comfort, spin and feel. A great choice for the person transitioning from the stiffer Luxilon strings or just want something that offers great bite and pop.

Signum Pro Poly Plasma Pure is another fantastic string offering the best control and tension stability while being slightly stiffer than the previous 2 mentioned strings. Another great and popular string with our playtest team along with regular Signum Pro Poly Plasma string 

Genesis Black Magic may be the best-selling string of these 4 but still delivers great feel and comfort for a co-polyester string. There is a reason the USRSA rated the Genesis Black Magic as the #2 poly of all-time and #5 of all strings their blind playtest team tested to date: 



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