BEERS ERT 300 Tennis Computer- A Must Have for any Racquet Stringer & Tennis Enthusiast


Do you care how accurate your string tension really is? Are you a racquet stringer, coach, player or just someone who understands how critical equipment can be for the competitive tennis player? Then the BEERS TECHNIC ERT 300 Tennis Computer is a device that is a must-have for you. Made in Switzerland, the ERT 300 is used by numerous ATP/ WTA Touring pros along with many tour stringers and coaches. A local stringer who has strung the Sony Ericsson Open, the Cincinnati Masters, Indian Wells and the US Open said the following “If you do not use this ERT 300 tennis computer, you are definately missing out from taking your game from good to great. This is a necessity for the beginner to the advanced player”. The ERT 300 is a must for any tennis enthusiast in the 21st century as the ERT 300 quickly and accurately measures the dynamic tension of the string bed of a strung racquet.

The ERT 300 is the best tension diagnostic device in the world. With this device, you will:

  • monitor the actual dynamic tension DT
  • know when it is time to restring
  • determine your optimal stringing tension
  • ensure that your racquets have the same DT for identical playing properties (great for tournaments)
  • determine the playing characteristics such as power and control

What is Dynamic Tension DT?

Dynamic Tension DT is a value of the stiffness of the stringbed. The Dynamic Tension DT is measured automatically with the ERT 300 by electronic simulation of the ball impact.

How Does The ERT 300 Work?

1. The ERT 300 is clipped to the strings
2. Press the start button to trigger automatic measurement
3. Electronic simulation of the ball impact measures and analyzes the vibrations of the strings
4. The DT value is determined and shown on the LCD display
5. Using the supplied DT system, you can find the actual tension

What Is Included?

  • ERT 300 in a soft durable case
  • Manual in 4 different languages (English, Italian, French, and German)
  • DT System Disc (Tension and style of play adviser)
  • 2 batteries

This is an invaluable tool to stringers, coaches, and players. The Tennis Depot uses ERT 300 during all string playtests and without this tool we would not be able to provide accurate information regarding string playing properties.


To purchase your ERT 300 tennis computer, please visit our ERT 300 product page.




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