New String from Genesis- Genesis True Grit


Genesis recently introduced its newest string to its fine line of products, True Grit. Their product description states that True Grit is a further development of premium co-polyester strings offered by Genesis. Utilizing cutting edge technology and new composite additives, True Grit delivers outstanding performance. Genesis True Grit is a 10 sided shaped string that offers exceptional spin, control, comfort, and power. True Grit is also axially twisted and offers a tremendous blend of dynamic power and spin while providing excellent tension stability and playability.

We took  the courts to playtest this new string and came back with very positive results. This string does offer a great blend of power, control and spin. We found it to be as durable to other co-polyester strings we have tested to date such as the Signum Pro Poly Plasma, Signum Pro Tornado, Genesis Typhoon, Topspin Culex Squarestring among many others. We found this string to shine in the tension stability department as the string maintained its tension very well. The twisted shape may not make this the most pleasant string to string but it makes up for it in performance. If you think the Genesis True Grit string is worth a try, learn more about it here:



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