Q&A on Which strings are right for your game


Q.What guidelines do you suggest for how often players should change their strings? 

A. There are several factors that come into account when determining how long strings last. Players should change their strings based on the type of string they use, how often they play, whether they have a competitive match coming up and how much tension the string has lost. Many players change strings when they break, but too often the difference between winning a match 7-6 in the third set and losing one may be the strings that are on your racquet. One thing we recommend is cutting out poly-based strings once they go dead and many people wonder how long do strings last before they go “dead”. This varies from player to player, from string to string but typically once a week (6-8 hours of play) for a competitive junior/adult or mid age adult player  every 3-4 weeks (18-20 hours) for a recreational player. Once you notice the performance of your string going downhill and you feel like you lost control, put in some new fresh strings. There are many devices to check string tension on your racket. The best one we had found is ERT-300, which accurately provides you with DT, which you can relate to your actual string tension. If you use strings as hybrid, then you are having two opposite worlds. Let’s assume you’re playing with “stiff” poly that has already lost tension and becomes dead and a soft syn gut that loses tension and stretches so much that you’re loosing control more and more with every shot you make. Which string would you blame more?
Some of the polyesters, specially from Poly Star are very soft and comfortable and are typically not used in a hybrid due to the rapid tension lost.

Q.What has been the biggest change you’ve seen in the market during the last few years and what trends do you see as most important in the near future?

A. The string industry has changed dramatically over the past couple of years as poly-based strings have been known for losing tension and being stiff and their point of view has drastically changed for the better in the past few years. With the growth and development of hexagonal, heptagonal, twisted, textured, pentagonal and now triangular strings on the market, there are hundreds of different strings that may possibly take your game to the next level. With the way technology has improved the evolution of strings recently, the future of the string industry will be very interesting, to say the least. All companies are now heading in a direction to produce soft and comfortable polyesters and are seeking ways of offering excellent durability without the loss of feel and comfort. 

Here is a short list for strings that we think hold tension well and the same time great to play with. They are soft and comfortable:

Genesis Typhoon

Genesis Black Magic

Topspin Cyber Blue

Signum Pro Poly Plasma

Genesis Thunder Blast

Remember:  Strings that lose tension can hurt your joints in the long run so contact us today if you are seeking the proper string your body and game!


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