New Pro Supex String Now Available- Black Fusion


Pro Supex recently introduced a new string to its offerings by launching Black Fusion, a hexagonal shaped black co-poly offering tremendous spin similar to that of Pro Supex Blue Gear with added comfort and feel.  It is available in both 16 gauge (1.28mm) and 18 gauge (1.19mm) in both 40’ sets and 660’ Reels.

Taking special shaped strings one step further, Black Fusion is infused with special additives making it softer and crisper at the same time. It was formulated to allow more ball bite creating massive spin. Black Fusion is a hexagonal shaped co-polyester string. This unique profile allows great grip on the ball without the loss of control. Black Fusion also packs quite a punch. Users of the popular Blue Gear will find this string to perform quite similar. We did find this one to play slightly softer making it the perfect string for the fierce competitor who plays with an attacking baseline game.

• Color: Black

• Construction: Monofilament Hex Shaped Co-Poly

• Advantage: Spin and Ball Bite

To order yours today, please visit:





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