Traumeel- Natural Medicine At Its Finest


In 1936 Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg founded a company to produce his combinations

of homeopathic medicines. He called the company Heel (an acronym of four Latin

words: herba est ex luce or ‘Plants come from light.’) Today Heel is the exclusive

distributor and marketer of Heel products to health care practitioners throughout the

U.S. Heel’s most popular products include remedies for headaches, sinus and allergy

relief, bronchitis and asthma relief, as well as relief of back pain, inflammation and

arthritis pain.

Heel is behind the product Traumeel. Positive results have shown that Traumeel is indeed effective and appropriate for use in

cases of epicondylitis, tendinitis, muscle strain, etc.

Furthermore, several studies have shown that Traumeel’s inflammation-regulating

effects are due to direct impact on immune cells.

Traumeel® consists of 14 natural ingredients including Arnica, and is indicated for the

temporary relief from pain associated with sports injuries, repetitive use injuries, sprains,

backaches, muscle aches and bruises. Backed by dozens of scientific and clinical

studies, Traumeel is a safe, effective formula recommended by doctors worldwide, and is

an essential addition to home healthcare.

The Tennis Depot sells Traumeel in 3 different variants including ointment, oral drops, and tablets.

For more information on Traumeel, please click here.


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