NEW Genesis Strings Now Available


Genesis recently added 3 new strings to their string lineup introducing Synthetic Gut Classic, Blizzard Synthetic Gut and Thunder Blast. All 3 strings have been quickly receiving very positive reviews from our playtesters and our staff has been very surprised of the performance of the Thunder Blast.

Genesis Thunder Blast:

Genesis Thunder Blast offers amazing repulsion power and controlled spin. Players who come in to the net a lot will appreciate the soft capabilities of this string with its impeccable touch and comfort. Thunder Blast has also some of the best tension retention from any multifilament string thanks to a very unique construction process. The center core utilizes a very elastic monofilament compressed and heated to stretch easily. The outer core is twisted by soft elastic multifilaments. A coating resembling a rough surface is added for increased spin potential.

• Length: 40 ft/12m
• Gauge: 16/1.30mm
• Color: Pitch Black
• Construction: Multifilament
• Advantage: Feel, Power

Special Offer: Buy 2 sets, get 1 set FREE! Offer available for a limited time only. To receive the free set, add 3 sets to your shopping cart. A discount of $9.90 will be applied at checkout.

Genesis Blizzard Syn Gut

Genesis Blizzard Synthetic Gut is a great string for players who seek a durable like poly but with the benefits of a soft synthetic string. Several high elastic monofilaments are compressed and use as the center core. The outer core is constructed from a very thin layer of monofilament that is twisted to aid in spin production. An elastomer resin coating completes the process. Blizzard Synthetic Gut offers plenty of pop through the elastic resin coating that increases repulsion power. The twisted outer core grabs the ball exceptionally well for increased spin and control. An arm friendly string that can be used in full jobs and hybrids. Blizzard Comes in both 16 and 17 gauge in both amber and black color!
Genesis Synthetic Gut Classic:

Synthetic Gut Classic is one of the better values around. Synthetic Gut Classic utilizes a construction process comparable to the other Genesis strings. This string is very soft to the touch- a characteristic many players and stringers will like. The surface is also very smooth making touch shots just that much easier with this string. Offering a very distinctive balance of playability and durability, Syn. Gut Classic is a great choice for the casual player. Can also be used as hybrids to those who seek a softer stringbed.

• Length: 660 ft/200m or 40ft/12m
• Gauge: 16/1.30mm
• Color: Amber
• String Type: Synthetic Gut
• Advantage: Splending balance of
durability and playability


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