A Great New Fitness Program for Tennis Players


A few days ago I watched a great , short, very effective tennis video called the Fitness For Tennis “Max Pre-Match Warm-up.”

If you’re looking to spice up your tournament or league results, I recommend checking this out here. (it’s a free video).

I mention this because this morning I was ‘forcefully inspired’ to warm-up with what I think is the most effective tennis match warm-up ever!

In fact, this warm-up had me sweaty and limber like a champ after just… 3 minutes…

Yes. I realize that sounds crazy if you don’t know any more details… so let’s get into why this works so well and how you can perform this warm-up whenever you are ready to step on the court.

Back to why this happened in the first place (why I was ‘forcefully inspired’)…

I had overbooked a couple of appointments, causing me to have almost no time to warm-up before I had to meet my friend, John, at the courts…

I hate getting on the court COLD, because it takes half a set to feel WARM, but I figured we maybe had 15 minutes (including changing time), so that left about 11 minutes or so for each of my warm-up.

Here’s the 11-minute championship warm-up that Fitness For Tennis came up with that had me dripping and limber:

1.    6 minutes of cardio

2.    5 minutes of stretching.

Alright, seems pretty simple… but here is the magic behind and why this works so well:

1. Dynamic Progression Cardio – By activating key muscle groups, large and small, prior to more ballistic movements, many common injuries can be avoided.

2. Timing of Stretching – The “when” of stretching is more important than the “if.”  You shouldn’t stretch a cold muscle…you should stretch after you are warmed-up.

If you can find a more productive 11 minute warm-up let me know .

So give this a try next time you step on the court…

And to view the Fitness For Tennis “Max Pre-Match Warm-Up”<– Click Here


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