New Polyfibre Products Now Available!


Dedicated to superior fiber technology, Polyfibre, a Germany-based Company is extremely familiar with the properties and characteristics of all state-of-the-art fiber products currently available today. With more than 40 years of experience in the most cutting-edge fiber manufacturing technology, Polyfibre is also known for producing ground-breaking, superior quality and performance tennis strings. Today, Polyfibre launched a set of new products to the North American product, T.P. Select, a high-end synthetic gut string, Gutex, a premium multifilament string and the S.A.T overgrip.

TP Select is a synthetic gut is made of premium grade copolymer with a quality outer wrap providing a lively response with good tension maintenance. It is a powerful string for all-around players who want control and a balance of playability and durability.

Polyfibre Gutex is an advanced multifilament string which offers excellent response and feel. The core is made of high quality fibers then wrapped tightly with copolymer filaments to produce a gut-like performance. This unique construction of compact fibers results in an energetic and powerful combination that is easy on the arm. Gutex is a resilient and powerful string with an added benefit of comfort.

The S.A.T is a perforated, soft overgrip providing excellent sweat absorption and outstanding vibration damping. Its tacky and abrasion resistant surface guarantees a solid grip.

For additional information on these and other Polyfibre products, please visit:



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