New Product Now Available: Genesis Twisted Razor


Genesis recently introduced its newest string offering, Twisted Razor, a black triangular-twisted co-polyester string offering exceptional tension maintenance. With the Genesis Typhoon receiving exceptional reviews by both players worldwide and the USRSA with many speaking loudly of its remarkable tension stability and spin production, the Twisted Razor has promised to take spin production to the next level.

Twisted Razor takes co-polyester strings to a whole new level. Its triangular shaped profile provides the most ball bite from any string. Genesis Twisted Razor provides the ideal combination of spin, power, and control. We have also noticed that this is one of the best strings at retaining tension; perfect for many hours of play. Utilizing the most innovative and cutting edge technology, Genesis has created a string that excels in every category. Genesis Twisted Razor is made from a proprietary composite formula of high-tech polyester resin combined with new performance enhancing chemical additives. Extruded with a triangular profile, Twisted Razor is then additionally twisted axially for maximum bite and control. The polyethylene material together with thermoplastic poly elastomers offers players the best in power and feel. An extra coating of teflon increases the liveliness and offers a nice crisp stringbed. The specially formulated additives reduce string movement and provide long lasting tension maintenance.

• Length: 40 ft/12m
• Gauge: 16L/1.27mm
• Color: Pitch Black
• Construction: Extruded Monofilament Co-Poly
• Advantage: Exquisite combination of power and control

If you think the Genesis Twisted Razor is worth a try, be sure to order a set today:


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