Product Spotlight of the Week: Polyfibre Black Venom


Polyfibre’s latest string offering, Black Venom has recently received many positive reviews with most commenting on its unique feel and comfort while surprising many of its unrivaled spin potential and durability.

Power, spin and touch are the trademarks of the Polyfibre Black Venom. Polyfibre’s specially developed Standardized Molecular Distribution Technology (SMD) provides this string with long-lasting resilence as well as the necessary control. Through the application of olefins and a special corona coating the string has an “orange skin” type surface with the following advantages: the string grabs the ball better, spin potential is maximized, and string slippage effectively prevented. Players will enjoy the combination of greater control and better feel – the textured surface structure providiing maximum comfort. The 17 gauge is ideal for players who need a good combination of durability and playability.

• Length: 40 ft/12m
• Gauge: 16/ 1.30mm, 17/1.25mm, 18/1.15mm
• Color: Black

• Construction: Monofilament Co-Poly
• Advantage: Power and Touch

If the Black Venom sounds something that you believe can help take your game to the next level, be sure to try some today:


2 Responses to “Product Spotlight of the Week: Polyfibre Black Venom”

  1. theracketbarn Says:

    Polyfibre Black Venom gave me a heck of a lot more spin. I didn’t have to rip up on the ball to try and maximize spin. I was able to play normal fast swing speed ground strokes while the string added a good 15% more spin on my shots. The feel wasn’t all that great so I might make it a hybrid with a softer multi filament string.

    Brad – Racquet Barn

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