Poly Star Turbo and Strike- Now Available in 15 gauge (1.35mm)


Poly Star recently introduced its Turbo and Strike string in a 15 gauge (1.35mm). Both Poly Star Turbo and Poly Star Strike are now available in both 40’ sets and 660’ reels. Poly Star Turbo utilizes the same construction concept as Energy, Poly Star Turbo packs a good punch with very good control. The 16 edges of it’s star profile provides very good ball bite and lots of action. Poly Star Turbo has very little string movement. Players who need extra durability will want to stick with this new thicker gauge.

Poly Star strike is a new string introduced to the market in 2010. Strike is the newest innovation from Poly Star, Strike offers an optimum level of ball acceleration and is ideal for the player who plays with a lot of topspin and slice. Poly Star Strike has a very unique braided texture. The secret lies in its profiled surface structure. New technology and specially developed machines have helped Poly Star achieve a unique polymer modification with extra notches. This allows for increased control and ball bite. Less powerful than Poly Star Energy, this is a great string for players who like to take big cuts at the ball and demand control over power. Poly Star Strike offers a very firm stringbed without sacrificing feel and touch. Volley players will not be disappointed with this poly. Poly Star Strike maintains tension better than its predecessors. A great overall string. String breakers will enjoy the added longevity with this thicker gauge.

For the full selection of Poly Star strings, please visit: http://www.thetennisdepot.com/tennis-strings/poly-star.html


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