Product Spotlight: Pro Supex Blue Gear- The Spin Monster


If you are looking to add more spin to your game, the staff here at The Tennis Depot highly recommends you try Pro Supex Blue Gear today as it has constantly received reviews from our customers that the spin potential is outstanding. According to, it has been voted either the #1 or the #2 spin string on the market,

Blue Gear, the newest innovation from Pro Supex was designed and engineered to put extra spin on the ball. Blue Gear is a hexagonical-shaped co-polyester string. Our laboratory tests revealed that Blue Gear’s unique profile is up to 8 times more abrasive than other hexagonal or deformed string profiles. Blue Gear will bite into the ball like no other string, providing the aggresive baseliner to create heavy spin which in turn will transfer all the power and torque into the ball. Blue Gear’s exclusive “Spin Enhancing Technology (S.E.T) will provide so much spin that your opponent will be blown away! Why else choose Pro Supex Blue Gear? Blue Gear features a rough surface in addition to the unique profile which will grab the ball and produce more spin than other hexagonal shaped strings. The 16 gauge offers a great amount of control with excellent durability.
Be sure to try the Pro Supex Blue Gear today:


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