New Product: Genesis Natural Gut


Genesis recently introduced a new string to their product line with a high-end natural gut tennis string. The Genesis Natural Gut, comparable to the industry’s finest offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is currently offered at a low introductory price of $26.90. The natural gut is currently offered in 16 gauge (1.30mm) and 18 gauge (1.20mm).

Product Description

Genesis Natural Gut strings are made from premium raw materials harvested from 100% free range, grass donor animals. 1 year in development, Genesis Natural Gut HT130 is a premium natural gut string designed specifically for players who have a power game and fast racquet head speeds.This string has been engineered to allow high tension due to the firm stringbed HT130 provides. This string has a unique balance of power and control that allows players the comfort, feel, and long performance of natural gut while using higher string tension. Our unique Thermoset Polyurethane coating increases the longevity without sacrificing playability.

Recommended tension range is 55-75 pounds

In order to introduce you to our new natural gut strings we have made a special arrangement with our supplier. For a limited time, we will be able to offer you the chance to try these new strings at a low introductory price until the string receives official packaging and product name. Genesis stands 100% behind this product and if upon inspection of the string you find any inconsistency, you may ship it back for a full refund.

• Length: 40 ft/12m
• Gauge: 16/1.30mm and 18/1.20mm
• Color: Natural
• Construction: 100% Cow Gut
• Advantage: Power and Control



3 Responses to “New Product: Genesis Natural Gut”

  1. Harry Jadwani Says:


    I’d like to try this string…. where can I get it?


  2. Stan Says:

    Where could I buy these strings and have them shipped to Australia?

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