New Pro Supex Strings Now Available!


Pro Supex recently introduced 2 new strings to the North American market, Big Ace Revo and Ultra Spin. These 2 co-polys have received rave reviews in other parts of the world and we are excited to have them available to you. Big Ace Revo will be available for the present time in a 17l gauge, 1.20mm in a silver color in both 40′ sets and 660′ reels while the Ultra Spin will be available in a pearl blue color in a 17 gauge, 1.23mm in both 40′ sets and 660′ reels.

Big Ace Revo improves in every category from its predecessor. Offering a more crisp stringbed, Big Ace Revo is the perfect string for the tournament player. A solid combination of power and control gives players the confidence to hit out on their shots. Softer than traditional polyester strings, Big Ace Revo makes a great string for the player who is seeking a nice soft yet comfortable stringbed. With improved tension maintenance and longer playability, Pro Supex Big Ace Revo makes a great choice for hard hitters.

Pro Supex Ultra Spin is the next generation string from Pro Supex. Ultra Spin has improved on nearly every aspect from the regular Blue Gear. This 8 sided string is also twisted in order to maximize spin potential. Our playtesters noted that Ultra Spin is softer than the regular Blue Gear yet has more spin. The reason is because of a special high rough surface Pro Supex adds. Stringing Ultra Spin, you can feel the edges of this string. Overall, Ultra Spin is a great string for players who like to take big cuts at the ball and who play with an aggressive baseline game.

If you have been a fan of the Pro Supex Big Ace or Pro Supex Blue Gear over the years, we highly recommend you test these 2 great new strings from Pro Supex. For more info, please visit:


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