String Review: Signum Pro Tornado


String Review: Signum Pro Tornado

Signum Pro’s newest string offering, Tornado is their top-of the line co-polyester string offering outstanding spin potential and excellent control and comfort for a poly-based string. Tornado is a heptagonal-shaped co-polyester string offering a high level of dynamic power while offering exceptional access to spin. This string is axially twisted and greatly increases the spin potential when compared to traditional round strings. Signum Pro Tornado also offers excellent playability and comfort for a co-polyester string. This next generation string offers a new optimized molecular structure which in result makes the Tornado hold tension remarkably well. The Tornado offers excellent ball control and is among the most durable poly-based strings we have playtested to date. The unique anthracite (black) color looks great on nearly every racquet. Tornado is part of the new Blackline® power series from Signum Pro.

On Court: Tornado plays among some of the best playing co-polyester strings on the market today. When coming to spin potential, Tornado is among the top 4 co-polyester strings we have tested to date and rates among the best along with Genesis Typhoon when it comes to tension matianance. Our Playtest team rated the Signum Pro Blackline Tornado:

Power: 9

Spin: 9.5

Comfort: 9

Durability: 9

Tension Stability: 9

Control: 8.5

Feel: 8.5

Overall: 9/10

If you are searching a soft, yet comfortable playing co-polyester string with outstanding spin potential, we highly recommend you try Signum Pro Tornado today.


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