New Polyfibre Strings Now Available


Polyfibre, since 1993 has specialized in producing the highest-quality string offerings in the industry and have been tested by world-class players including former world #10 Magnus Norman and is currently being used by former world #6, Mario Ancic. Recently Polyfibre introduced Hexablade and Black Venom.

Polyfibre Hexablade

This ethylene string has a characteristic, hexagonal profile which provides extra grip on the ball’s felt, producing optimum spin. A positive side-effect of this surface structure is that the string notches quickly, preventing slippage. The Polyfibre Hexablade feels slightly stiffer than other strings, but thanks to Polyfibre’s Standardized Molecular Distribution Technology (SMD) it is extremely durable, and its high dynamic elasticity makes it particularly easy on the arm.

Polyfibre Black Venom

Power, spin and touch are the trademarks of this product. Polyfibre’s specially developed Standardized Molecular Distribution Technology (SMD) provides this string with long-lasting resilience as well as the necessary control. Through the application of olefins and a special corona coating the string has an “orange skin” type surface with the following advantages: the string grabs the ball better, spin potential is maximized, and string slippage effectively prevented. Players will enjoy the combination of greater control and better feel – the textured surface structure providing maximum comfort.


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