New Genesis Strings Now Available


Genesis recently released 4 new strings to their string lineup, Hexonic, Heptonic, Xplosion and Tournament Nylon. These strings are aimed towards the player on a small budget yet is seeking a high-performance string at a very competitive price. Genesis Hexonic is a 6 sided hexagonal strings with excellent spin potential. It is available in 1.09m, 1.18mm and 1.27mm in red color. Genesis Heptonic is a 7 sided heptagonal string with even more spin potential and it is available in 1.14mm and 1.24mm in white color. Genesis Xplosion is a premium multifilament string, used to soften up the stringbed with polyester-based strings or as a full stringjob for comfort and playability. Lastly, the Genesis Tournament Nylon is an excellent value string offering that comes in 1.30mm and 1.36mm in 3 unique colors.

For more info on these new Genesis string offerings, please visit:


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