Product Spotlight of the Week: Tourna Quasi Gut


Tourna’s newest string offers, Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough and Tourna Quasi-Gut have been receiving exceptional reviews since their launch to the market. Tourna Quasi-Gut is an exceptional multifilament offering excellent playability. If you have yet to try the Tourna Quasi-Gut, we highly recommend trying it today!

Quasi-Gut is an advanced string meant to play and feel like natural gut, while maintaining better durability. Constructed with thousands of tightly wound microfibers, each is permeated with and contained in a new thermo-elastic polyurethane resin. This high tech resin greatly increases the durability and weather resistance of the string without compromising its natural gut like performance. Ideal for players who love the feel and performance of natural gut but need added durability. Players who prefer a lively, responsive and powerful string will enjoy Quasi Gut. Highly recommended for players who suffer from tennis elbow or arm soreness.

Length: 40ft/12m or 660’/200m
Gauge: 16/1.30mm or 17/1.25mm
Color: Natural
Construction: Multifilament
Advantage: Feel, Soft Touch

The Tourna string lineup consists, of Tourna Big Hitter, Tourna Big Hitter Blue, Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough and Tourna Quasi Gut.


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