It isn’t all THAT rare that a tennis match gets suspended due to declining light conditions. Try as organizers do to avoid situations where play has to be suspended, try as organizers do to allot sufficient time for each match to play out, sometimes… it just doesn’t work out the way they want to.

Take this Isner-Mahut match that’s been going on these few days. If you’ve been living under a rock, or just somewhere you don’t get internet or cable or satellite tv, you might be surprised at my use of “days.” I assure you, I haven’t been going insane. This match has taken a FEW DAYS. The match began Wednesday. It appeared to be a pretty standard five set match, that actually went five sets. Well, appeared to be as standard of a five setter as a five setter really could be (read: five setters are not standard).

However, factor in fact that this particular match is being played at Wimbledon. Yes, THAT Wimbledon, where Roddick and Federer battled it out last year in the finals to reach a jaw dropping 16-14 in the final set. Also, factor in the fact that this particular five setter is being played in the first round. Finally, throw in two amazing servers, and you have all the makings of an epic.

And epic this is. What else can you call a tennis match that’s taken over 10 hours?! What else can you call a tennis match where, so far, 163 games have been played? What else do you call a tennis match in which a SINGLE SET (that hasn’t even finished!) takes far longer than any match ever played?!

It is at times like this when the viciousness of tennis really shows through. Despite all the hard work both players have put in, only one of them will advance. TO THE SECOND ROUND! That’s really a huge shame considering that both of these players deserve to advance, given all that they’ve poured into this one match. And this match hasn’t even finished! Who knows what new levels these two will take the match to tomorrow? I wish both these players the best of luck out there, and deeply admire them for their tenacity, drive and stamina. Good luck men.


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