Product Spotlight of the Week: Topspin Cyber Flash


When it comes to performance and value, there is  arguably no better string than Topspin Cyber Flash. Topspin Cyber Flash has recently been the 2nd most used string at the NCAA Division 2 Championships and is the choice of colleges nationwide for its excellent performance and value. Many tennis enthusiasts refer to it as the “poor man’s Lux” and if you are looking for a Luxilon type string at a fraction of the price, Topspin Cyber Flash is your best bet. Topspin Cyber Flash is available at The Tennis Depot in 12m sets, 110m Reels, 220m Reels and now 300m Reels.

The new CYBER FLASH is a string manufactured from optimised PETP with a state-of-the-art structure. (SoP system) Our practical tests show that this string’s durability is without equal today. String slip is very low, even with extreme topspin. This significantly increases the spin for topspin strokes. Very good feeling for slow strokes and perfect control for fast strokes is a unique combination that only exists with CYBER FLASH. Cyber Flash has been rated the best selling string in Germany and is climbing up in the rankings here in the U.S. The 17 gauge is for the tournament player that is seeking more pop and greater access to spin.
• Color: Silver
• Construction: Polyester
• Advantage: Great Durability

For the full selection of Topspin strings including the Topspin Cyber Blue and Topspin Concept Pure, please visit:


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