Product Spotlight of the Week: Tourna Big Hitter


When it comes to overgrips, Unique Tourna Overgrips have established themselves among the industry’s elite over the past decade. However, many tennis enthusiasts are unaware of the high-quality string offerings that Tourna makes. If you are using a Luxilon string, especially Luxilon ALU power, you should try out the Tourna Big Hitter today and you will not be disappointed.

Tourna Poly Big Hitter is the ultimate string for durability, yet it delivers superb power, control, and comfort. Players who like to take big cuts at the ball will enjoy this string. The poly-poly ether material together with aluminum fibers makes this a very soft co-poly. This exotic material makes the string more playable while keeping its durability. Easy access to spin makes this string a top contender.
Color: Silver
Construction: Poly-poly ether with aluminum
Advantage: Extreme durability

Tourna Big Hitter along with Tourna Big Hitter Blue, Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough and the new Tourna Quasi Gut are now available at The Tennis Depot. All strings are available in individual 40’ sets and 660’ reels.


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