Product Review: Poly Star Classic


Poly Star Classic, the original monofilament polyester string, has been around for more than 29 years and has continuously been modified to meet todays standards. Offering an abundance of control, Poly Star Classic is ideal for hard hitters who like a firmer stringbed. With very little string movement and excellent durability, Poly Star Classic has been proven to be the choice of string for many players all over the world. Players who are seeking a nice blend of durability and playability will want to stick with this 16L gauge.

Review by the TTD Playtester, Dan:

String was strung at 56/60 on a Gamma Ipex 7.0 MP. Play time was split between 5 hours of singles and 2 hours of friendly doubles. String is white/opaque, and has what looks like tiny strands running up and down the length of the string. The following are my thoughts on the string.

Upon stringing:

The packaging of the string was very classic, very clean. It was a simple design, with none of the jumble-tron of colors some string packages have. Coil memory was about average for a poly. What really annoyed me about the string was now slick and slippery it was. As I began uncoiling it, the first thing that I thought was, “Sheesh, did somebody just dump a bottle of Vaseline on this stuff?” I PRAYED to all the deities that I knew that the string wouldn’t be a pain to string.

It was. Crosses were, to say the least, not fun. I’m not used to stringing stuff this slippery, so that may have been part of it. Nevertheless, I was forced to string with a rag by my side to wipe away all the extra grease. A normal poly job will take me about 55 minutes. This took me about 70.


With the tough time I had stringing this, I was really hoping that things would be better on the court. To be perfectly honest, I was expecting quite a bit from the string. With Eduard Dayvdenko reportedly requesting the string about half a year back, I was expecting good things.

The string rose to my expectations in just about everything.

Power: This string is certainly not lacking. I strung Classic a few pounds too high, and I probably would have benefitted from dropping tension 3 pounds. As it was, I was able to tap into the power of the string on command. While any multi or gut user will find the power in this string on the low side, I feel that the power in this string is high for a poly.

Feel: Feel is an intangible that is really hard to get a grasp on. I do not feel that the string provides exceptional feel, but then again, I’ve had a hard time finding any poly that gives exceptional feel. To be perfectly honest, it was hard for me to tell the difference between wacking a forehand as hard as I could and tipping a drop shot over the net with this string.

Spin: I thought the spin from this string was a tiny bit lacking. It’s a lot more spinny than most multis or natural guts out there, but compared to the rest of the polyester family, spin is a little bit lacking. My normal kick serve was not kicking as high as it usually does.

Control: Despite a slight lack of spin, control on this string was excellent. As with many other polyesters, I had full confidence to go for all of my shots. I could really whale at the ball without fear that it would go out, something that’s hard for me to do when I play with gut. Have no fear that you will lack control with this string.

Stiffness: As far as polys go, this cannot be considered stiff. While I would not characterize the string as “cushy” per se, it was relatively soft. Players with arm problems should consider giving this string a try if they insist on polyester.

Resistance to movement: Mediocre. Unfortunately, this was one category that I really thought the string lacked in. I’m not surprised, given how slippery the string felt while stringing. While the movement is nowhere near as pronounced as on non-polyester strings, movement was quite extreme for a polyester.

Tension maintenance: Polystar Classic falls into the category of a 1st generation polyester. Generally, they’re absolutely horrible at maintaining tension. I remember playing with my first polyester (Technifiber Polyspin): felt nice the first time but two days later, the tension had dropped another 5-6 pounds. Polystar Classic surprised me in that it maintained its tension quite well. There was an initial break in period of around 15 minutes, but after that, it settled in nicely, and I experienced little tension lost during my playtest. I am quite impressed with this string’s tension maintenance.


I quite enjoyed this string and could see quite a few of my friends and customers enjoying the string. It’s a nice, softer, polyester that could appeal to quite a large crowd. Polystar really managed to nail it on their first string! Now, if only it was slightly less slippery and wasn’t such a pain to string…

Some say that this string compares with Kirschbaum Competition or Kirschbaum P2, I think it is better by a mile.


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