Product Review: The New Poly Star Strike


This past week, Poly Star introduce it’s newest string offering, Poly Star Strike to the worldwide market. The Tennis Depot received a few samples of this string a few weeks ago and had our playtest team test this new string. We would like to share one our playtesters comments and feedback who is a Division 1 college player and is a current user of the Topspin Cyber Flash string.

Here is his feedback:

I recently had the opportunity to test Polystar’s most recent polyester string called the Polystar Strike. I am a college tennis player who usually plays with topspin cyberflash. I was relatively pleased with Polystar’s latest addition to their lineup. The first characteristic I noticed about the string was a unique sponge-like almost springy feel when the ball made contact with my strings. It was definitely a different feel than I was used to but not necessarily a bad one. Initially I enjoyed the feel and control I was getting from the string. The string did lose some tension after the initially stringing and first hit,(an attribute that usually bothers me), but this tension loss wasn’t too extreme and I felt like I experienced greater ball-pocketing and spin production as a result. The first time I hit with the string I felt like it was a decent polyester with decent spin potential, good feel, and pop, but once I “broke in” the string I though it really felt good. There was very good spin production, a nice comfortable feel, and a little extra pop. The string was extremely durable and it took me about 9 days to break which is a lot longer than it usually takes for me to break string.  Overall I felt like this was a good string but it maybe a good idea if you normally play with a string until it breaks to cut this one out if you start to feel like its lost its liveliness. This is definately a step up on the Kirschbaum Spiky Shark or the Kirschbaum Helix which I had tried but was disappointed.

If you wish to try the Poly Star strike or any Poly Star string, The Tennis Depot will be running a special till May 31st. Please enter promo code “polystar10” at checkout to redeem this offer.


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