And The Journey Begins…


The Tennis Depot web development team has begun preparations for revamping our website. Whilst this by no means will be a major change like we had last year, there will definitely be changes. Many of the changes are directly reflected from the feedback we received from our customers in our March survey. We take feedback very seriously and many of you voiced your opinions on how we can approve.

So what changes can you expect? By far the biggest nuance most of you had pointed out was our site speed. We have already laid out a plan for optimizing our website. There is also a good chance that we will be moving to different servers that are more powerful than our current ones.

A message board system will be launched. Yes that’s right we are finally launching our forum! Not much more to say here but expect a zippy forum that will be a fun place to interact with other tennis enthusiasts.

Our checkout process will be carefully examined and improved on. Expect a more cleaner and faster shopping experience.

Perhaps our coolest new feature will be facebook integration. Detailed information cannot be provided- it is a secret!

A bunch of new products will be added. We cannot divulge all the new products that will be available in the near future. This phase has actually already begun. In the coming days and weeks you will see additions of some apparel lines being added as well as ball machines. We are also completely changing our line of sampler packs. All the current sampler packs will be scratched. Updates ones will be posted soon.

There will also be some minor layout changes to improve navigation.

We will continue to update the status of these new advancements through this blog. Be sure to subscribe and check back often.


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