Topspin Cyber Flash- Becoming a Favorite among Colleges Quickly


At the most recent NCAA Division 2 Championships, 16 teams from the men’s side and 16 from the women’s side gathered from around the country to compete for a national championship. With Over 300 players in attendance in Altamonte Springs, FL, some of the greatest talents in the country were displayed. We were told that the 2nd most popular string used during the NCAA championships was Topspin Cyber Flash which came close behind the front-runner Tecnifibre Red Code. This was a surprise to many of the stringers in attendance as they expected Luxilon Alu Power or Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour to be among the most popular strings. The national champion, Barry University purchase strings from The Tennis Depot and have used the Pro Supex line of strings along with Topspin Cyber Blue and the Unique Big Hitter reels for many years now. Keep any eye on the Topspin Cyber Flash and some of the other strings offered at The Tennis Depot as they are coming to a park near you soon!

For the full range of the Topspin string offerings, please visit our Topspin String Page.

Topspin Cyber Flash


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