Product Spotlight of the Week: Topspin Cyber Max ROTation


Since the introduction of the Topspin Cyber Max ROTation to the worldwide market several months ago, the feedback has been very positive with most consumers comparing this string directly with Luxilon ALU Power Rough and others with Kirschbaum Spiky Shark. With the majority of tennis enthusiasts enjoying both the Topspin Cyber Flash and Topspin Cyber Blue string, Topspin’s latest string offerings have caught attention and interest of tennis players nationwide. Topspin Cyber Max ROTation delivers as promised offering tremendous amount of spin while offering exceptional tension maintenance. The advantage of using Topspin Cyber Max ROTation is great ball bite.

The following is the description as found on The Tennis Depot website:

The Topspin Cyber MAX ROTation has a heptagonal profile allowing for excellent access to spin. In addition, the rough surface grabs the ball for increased rotation. Topspin Cyber MAX ROTation offers very good feel for a co-poly string. Cyber MAX ROTation prevents the shifting of the strings and has extremely good durability. Good tension maintenance is accompanied with great control. We recommend this gauge to players who seek better playability.

This week only, try Topspin Cyber Max ROTation and save 10% off the regular price! If you have already tried, it save 10% on the purchase of a reel. Simply enter coupon code:  “torot10” at checkout to redeem this special offer.


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