Product Spotlight of the Week: Poly Star Energy Tennis String


Over the years, most of the commentators talk about the ATP players using either Luxilon Alu Power or Babolat Pro Hurricane tennis strings. They however failed to mention that the world’s 5th best ATP player, Nikolay Davydenko has been successfully using the Poly Star Energy string this past decade and has helped record wins over the world’s elite players. Did you know that former ATP players, Michael Stitch, Brian Gottfried, Yones el Aynaoui, Carlos Costa,  Alberto Berasategui and others all used Poly Star strings to help them reach the top of the ATP rankings. So what are you waiting for, try Poly Star Energy today and experience the difference today!

Poly Star Energy is one of the most powerful polyester string out on the market. It offers optimum control over ball acceleration combined with outstanding elasticity and longevity. Softer than Poly Star Classic, players will find some nice touch and feel with Poly Star Energy. With minimal tension loss and excellent durability, Poly Star Energy is a very good string. Players seeking the a nice blend of durability and playability should go with this 17 gauge.

Special Discount: Buy A 660’ Reel of ANY Poly Star Reel (classic, energy or turbo) and receive 10% off the regular price! Please use coupon code:  PSS10 during checkout  This coupon expires Sunday May 16 2010.

The complete line of Poly Star strings can be viewed here:


2 Responses to “Product Spotlight of the Week: Poly Star Energy Tennis String”

  1. Peter Ng Says:

    I bought a wheel of the Turbo, and had it strung at 60lbs but it feel like 65 lbs, so do I have to strung it at 10% less then other non-polyster strings?

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