Playtest Review on the NEW Genesis Typhoon!


Genesis Typhoon Review:

Overall: 9/10. Great string. I play tested it next to Luxilon ALU Big Banger and they felt very similar. However, Typhoon clearly held its tension better, was slightly stiffer, and had more spin than its counterpart.

Groundstrokes: 9/10. I felt that I could easily take control of the points off the baseline with more ease than with Luxilon ALU, primarily because of the bite that Typhoon had. I could hit my crosscourt forehand to drag my opponent off the court easier than with any other string I have played with. Also, flattening the ball out was not a hassle at all, but I felt that ALU did a better job at this. For my baseline game, Typhoon takes the trophy home considering I hit more safer, topspin shots than flatter, all-or-nothing shots. Approach shots were easier to hit as well with Typhoon, probably because I could grab the ball better than with ALU so the ball would sink into the court with a sharper parabolic path than ALU.

Volleys: 8/10. A significant step up from Spin X in the volley department. Because of the stiffness of the string, I could stick my volleys with greater ease than with my previous string. The only thing that Spin X had over Typhoon while hitting volleys was the drop volley, however one doesn’t hit this volley nearly as much as the deeper, penetrating volley, which Typhoon was better at.

Serves: 8/10. On the serve, I could not find any differences between Typhoon and ALU. I definitely served better with both compared to Spin X due to the stiffness of the strings, but both strings I could place my serves well. I will add that I did have more slide and kick on my slice and topspin serves with Typhoon than ALU.

Feel: 7.5/10. This was clearly the dimension of Typhoon that wasn’t up to par with Spin X. I found that it had better feel than ALU, however with drop shots and drop volleys (as I previously mentioned), Typhoon wasn’t quite there. It definitely had feel, but not as much as Spin X. Also, Typhoon doesn’t have nearly the ball pocketing that Spin X has, which is a good and a bad thing. In terms of touch, it is a bad thing, however for my game I found this to be beneficial.

Spin: 9.5/10. Probably Typhoon’s best characteristic. Because of the stiffness and the texture of the string, I could easily get access to spin and generate more rotational velocity on the ball more than any other sting that I have previously used. I found this when I would hit passing shots. My ball would dip at my opponent’s feet very fast, causing them to make an error. Also, I could hit Nadal-like hooking passing shots down the line (maybe not at Nadal’s level, but close) significantly easier than with Spin X or ALU.

This string tops the highly anticipated Babolat RPM Blast in every category!

-This review was written by a customer who will be attending a SEC Division 1 School in the fall!


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