Rafa King of Monte Carlo


Rafael Nadal

April came and Rafael Nadal returned to the clay – to dispel all doubts and get silenced all critics and doubters. Monte Carlo was his first title in almost a year. But he won this tournament a record six times in a row, and so convincingly, and the pressure that no more doubts – the king returned to the clay, and for the next two months he has big plans.

The way Nadal won the Monte Carlo, losing five games, inspires his fans  a lot of optimism for the upcoming tournaments. The assumption that the problems plaguing him from the start of the season – the inability to maintain a high level of play even in games in which he had a distinct advantage, psychologically fragile to tie-breaks – there is only one remedy, and  he name  is “clay” . Once finally in its brick kingdom, the Spaniard crossed the opponents iron roller, leaving none of them stand a chance.

If the first two matches, in general, were as expected – with all due respect, Timo de Bakker and Michael Burrer,  Nadal’s not rivals, even on faster surfaces. And on a slow ground Monte Carlo Nadal gave each of them the whole game on,  apart for a variety of sets in a mirrored manner – 6:0, 6:1 and 6:1, 6:0. But more went contenders for any on the ground can be difficult – well, that is, for any except Nadal.

Starting with Ferrero, Rafa played on only with their compatriots. The Spaniards simply an overwhelming played in Monte Carlo – five of the eight quarter-and three of the four semifinalists were the Iberian Peninsula. The only non-Spaniard in the semifinals was Novak Djokovic finally shows signs of life after total disaster that occurred with his game since the beginning of the season. Either the soil was to Novak kinder hard, or parting with Todd Martin and his interesting coaching methods had an instant effect, but their first three matches in Monte Carlo, Serbian had a very good level. However, further, in the semifinals came the familiar failure – the game has denied all at once. Of course, the match took place in a vacuum, and of course, Fernando Verdasco not whipping boy, especially on clay, but this does not negate the fact that Djokovic simply collapsed. It is not surprising – to crawl out of this pit, in which Djokovic failed in 2010-th year, is never easy and fast.

Until then, Fernando has held two very difficult games, first in three sets by taking revenge on Tomas Berdych for defeat in Miami.  Easily winning the first set and leading in the second 5:1, Verdasco seemed completely turned off from the game and allowed the opponent to level the score and then win the second game in a tiebreaker. In the decisive set, it is true, Verdasco once again come to his senses and there is no longer left compatriot no chance. But this is the amazing lack of discipline in the game, I think, and prevents Fernando fully realize the talent he has in abundance.

As for the finale, and there, in general, and particularly to write about. What else can you say about the match, which ended with the score 6:0, 6:1.

Of course, the first in his career finale Masters;  event is non-trivial, but we should not allow the nerves to bring himself up to complete paralysis. Of course, Nadal would have won even if Verdasco played better order – in this tournament he has never given reason to doubt their own.

For Rafa same Monte Carlo has become the place a kind of “expulsion of demon” – he does not just won a tournament for the first time since last year, but showed in that game, which at the end of the season before last brought him to the first position rankings. However, no tennis player scores on his way to the title he never had the chance to meet, so that the question “How did he behave in a tight match with the same class of opponent”.  Remains open. But the subterranean season has just begun, and it seems that the answer is not slow to appear.

This article was written by Tatiana Mitasova for The Tennis Depot.


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  1. Eric Says:

    Great post. Amazing facts.

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