Topspin: Honda of the string market.


Topspin Cyber Flash - Reels                        

For the past couple weeks I have been play testing a variety of strings and come to one major conclusion. No matter what kind of string you prefer Topspin will have a string for you.

When I wanted to buy a new car I started looking at the different options and I kept coming back to Honda for their reliability, variety, and cost effectiveness. Now that I am looking at strings I see a parallel with the Honda car brand and the Topspin string brand.

Topspin Cyber Flash 726' Reel 1.35


Topspin, is a German company established in 1987 with the concept, “by real tennis players for real tennis players” They wanted to create the best possible equipment for every player. The initial object was toughness, functionality, and durability. They started making high-end polyester based strings.

I first found Topspin when I was in college and fell in love with the blend of power, durability, and tension maintenance provided by Topspin Cyberflash. In addition, it was half the price of the over hyped string I was using before.

The Tennis Depot


After learning that Topspin had many other great polyester based strings, multi-filaments and synthetic guts, I new I didn’t have to go any further in my search for the perfect strings. I immediately went to my favorite website, that carries the entire Topspin line, and ordered a variety of their most recent polyester strings.

I play tested the most recent additions to their line, Cyber Black, Cyber Blue, Cyber Red, and Cyber Whirl, and found each to be a great new addition to their already quality line.

Topspin Cyber Blue 16 (1.30)                              

Black, Red, and Blue were similar strings with good power, soft feel, and good tension maintenance. I found that out of the three Cyber Black was my favorite. It seemed to have that extra feel I needed when really swinging out. It also felt fresh after two weeks in my racquet. 


Cyber Whirl was my personal favorite out of the bunch. It was an octagonal textured string that played as well or better than another very well known rough co-polyester string that costs almost double the price.

From the first hit, I new I had found my new string. It was crisp yet soft, powerful yet controlled, and gripped the ball like a high-end multi-filament string. Playing with Cyber Whirl one would think they were driving a high-end sports car while paying the price of an economical family sedan.     

Polyester is not the only strings Topspin produces. They offer multi-filaments, Fiber Touch and Energy, and solid core strings, Titen Fiber, as well for blending or to stay away from polyester all together.

    Topspin Fibre Touch 16 (1.32)            Topspin Energy 16 (1.30)               Topspin Titan Fibre 15L (1.40)

Going back to my car analogy, Topspin has the variety in strings and materials, quality of the product and economical prices that make it a top company like Honda. Topspin is a must for any pro shop or private stringer. With being such a great website to do business with I find myself recommending it more and more as my favorite string choice.


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  1. robyn Josephs Says:

    very informative and fun to read post. thanks Ray

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