New Topspin Strings Now Here!


A slew of brand new co-polyester strings from Topspin are on the horizon and will be available very soon in the U.S.A. As a matter of fact, a limited amount are already available on our website. Famous for the popular Cyber Flash, Topspin is raising the benchmark once more with 4 new co-polys. Already with 3 fantastic co-poly strings in its arsenal (Cyber Flash, Cyber Blue, Concept Pure), Topspin is launching a new line of hi-performance strings.

With our usual fashion, The Tennis Depot will be the first retailer to offer these terrific strings to consumers.

Here is quick overview of these new strings. Along with a brief description, you will find the price for each product:

Topspin Cyber Black 1.23- A very soft and forgiving co-poly, Cyber Black offers a great mixture of solid control with perfect power. In addition, players will find lots of feel and very good spin potential. The thin diameter allows for greater ball bite.
Set: $8.49     Reel: $89.90     Mini Reel: $49.90

Topspin Cyber Red 1.24- Using modernized manufacturing procedures, Topspin has created a co-poly string that not only offers very little string movement, but in addition supplies the player with adequate power and plentiful control. Baseline players will find great access to spin.
Set: $7.90     Reel: $79.90     Mini Reel: $44.90

Topspin Cyber Whirl Octagonal 1.27- This 3rd generation co-poly string features an octagonal profile offering exceptional spin. According to Topspin, players will find faster ball speed and control will be at its best. Overall, a very soft forgiving co-poly with plentiful bite. Comes in orange color.
Set: $9.49     Reel: $99.90     Mini Reel: $54.90

Topspin Cyber Whirl Pentagonal 1.24- Through an unique extrusion process, Topspin was able to produce a new pentagonally shaped co-polyester string offering massive spin and control. With very little string movement and superb durability, Cyber Whirl is a great string for hard hitters. Comes in black color.
Set: $9.49     Reel: $99.90     Mini Reel: $54.90

As you can see, all four of the new Topspin strings will offer something unique in their own way. Be sure to check our blog periodically for more informative news, tips, and product previews.

For more information on the new Topspin strings, please the Topspin string page. As always, if you have any questions, please post them below in the comments section.


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