Exciting New Innovations At The Tennis Depot (Part 2)


(The first part of this article was published on July 23, 2009 and can be found below this blog post.)

In part 1, we went over the first couple of features. The biggest hit there was our Rewards Program. Already a huge hit with many of our customers, we also have many other innovations that no other online tennis store has yet to offer:

Add products to your wishlist so you never forget the items most interested to you. You can even email the wishlist to a friend.

Feature Rich Account Management:
The Tennis Depot proudly has the best account management found in the tennis industry. When creating an account at The Tennis Depot, you have an overview of: recent orders, points dashboard, personal information, newsletter subscription status, primary billing address, primary shipping address, shopping cart, wishlist, recently ordered items, recent reviews and recent tags.

One of our most exciting features is Re-Orders. Do you know what you want before you visit our website? Have you already bought that same item in the past on our website? If you answered yes to both questions then Re-Orders is a feature you will come to love. With the click of one button, you can Re-Order the exact same item as before using the same details. And you are done!

Customer Profile:
Add an avatar, nickname, and description of yourself using the Customer Profile found in your account management. Then go to www.thetennisdepot.com/yournickname to show of your profile! Really cool!

Live Chat:
Have a question? Not a ‘telephone person’? Are you overseas? Then Live Chat is perfect for you! Chat with one of our online sales representatives and receive immediate assistance.

Iphone Optimized:
We have made our new website optimized for the Iphone. You can browse, click, and buy straight from your Iphone. Point your iphone to www.thetennisdepot.com and you will see how well we optimized our site for quick and simple ordering. Great when you are on the move!


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