Genesis Strings Receive Favorable Feedback


Launched just 3 weeks ago, Genesis has now created a huge following. Tennis players all over the world have enjoyed playing with both Spin X & Black Magic. Below please find some of the current feedback from fellow tennis players.

Just want to say I like your strings.I strung two racket one with Spin-X at 57 M 60 C and another with MSV Hex 1.10 at the same tension/ The Spin -X was easy to string and surprisingly had a little stretch to the string. While both were similar in spin, the power, comfort and control the Spin-X was far above the same traits in the MSV, which I purchased for comfort in the first place. Great Product guys I am looking forward to trying the Black Magic Strings.
-Dan M.

Another HAPPY user with the Spin X 17g.
I have been playing with it (in the mains, Crosses are Gamma Professional) for a little while (about 5 hours so far) and like it a lot. The spin is great, power is very good, my serves definitely got some extra pop (I would not say 10-15 mph extra, but noticable). Previously, I was using the Black Code which is also a great string!
The string is very comfortable, and so far looks like a durable one. I used the same tension as with the Black Code.
– Comment submitted via website

I tried the Black Magic. What a great poly. It was easy to string and plays stiff like you expect a poly to, but this string pockets the ball really well and offers a level of comfort and control I’ve yet to experience in poly string.
I tried the 16g and crossed it with Gamma Synthetic 16. Very nice feel. Good touch on volleys and stiff enough to bang from the baseline.
– Comment submitted via website

This is just a small fraction of the feedback that was submitted to us. So what are you waiting for? Get on board and make the switch to Genesis. Oh and did we mention you can get a free sample @!


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