Pro Supex Maxim Touch- Possibly the Best Kept Secret


Pro Supex Maxim Touch, a high-end premium multi which has received comparisons to strings priced nearly 2 or 3 times higher has a multifilament core and is reinforced by outside wrapped fibres. The polyurethane coating makes Maxim Touch a very arm-friendly string. While most of the attention goes to the wonderful polys Pro Supex makes, Maxim Touch has slowly been gaining ground. Many of our customers have cited it as the best valued multifilament string around! At approximately $5 a set (when buying a reel), Maxim Touch is a great performer for the money.

What really awes us is that people have said that Maxim Touch outperforms strings such as Wilson NXT and Tecnifibre NRG2! If you are looking for a high end multifilament string at a fraction of the cost then we encourage you to give Pro Supex Maxim Touch a try. Starting price is $7.95 a set and $89.95 a reel.


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