Pro Supex On The Rise


Pro Supex has been one of the fastest growing companies in the tennis industry. With revolutionary products at terrific prices, it is no wonder that more people each day are switching to Pro Supex. One of the biggest tournaments in the juniors is the Easter Bowl. The Easter Bowl is a Super National where the top juniors perform in California. This year, Pro Supex was one of the hottest brands at the Easter Bowl. Below is an excerpt from one of our customers who was the official stringer at the 2009 Easter Bowl Championships:

Dear Pro Supex:
Just wanted to follow up with you from the Easter Bowl. I had the banner up and waving in the area we were stringing in. I was suprised how many people commented that they knew of or used Pro Supex before. Several people even brought some in for us to string with! This is a great sign, as only the best tennis players in the country were at this tournament. I also sold some string to many different juniors, who commented that they liked the way it played (as well as the PRICE!). As always the big seller was big ace, though several players asked for maxim touch, since we did not carry wilson NXT. One kid had me string 8 of his racquets with a blue gear/big ace hybrid. He really loved the stuff. I gave many people the info on the string and where they could get some (your website).

So what are you waiting for?  Get on the bandwagon and try Pro Supex- the strings for winners! For more info on the full line of Pro Supex products, please visit

For ordering, visit our retail website:


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